Archangel Disk Recovery

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Saturday night I was out playing disk golf with my son and we were throwing the disk towards a basket right behind a couple taller trees. The basket was just over two hundred feet away and I threw my Mamba disk at the basket trying to curve around the trees. I typically throw right hand forehand and if I threw it correctly it would pass just to the left of the trees and fade back towards the basket. I’ve overthrown the basket with this disk and also wedged disks in the tree, so I was trying not to throw too high or hard.

I released the disk a lot lower than I wanted so it fell short this time. My son yelled, “Throw it higher!”

I grabbed my Archangel disk and thought about throwing it higher. Usually I try to keep the throws low because getting it stuck in the tree is a real pain. This wasn’t my favorite disk - it had a habit of flipping over to the left and spiking into the ground when I threw it and I was still learning how to throw it correctly. It also didn’t fly as far as the Mamba.

So I threw it pretty high, hard, and to the right of the tree and for once instead of spiking into the ground and rolling, it lofted up very nicely and seemed to be on a good line for the basket. If you throw it too far to the right of the tree it ends up in a bush so you have to be pretty much on target. It didn’t curve to right as much as I would have liked and ended up heading right into the tree and wedging in the branches.

“Oh man, I’ve stuck the Archangel in the tree,” I said. We hunted around for the empty beer bottle we had used to get a disk down the last time I threw one in the tree. My son tossed the bottle up at the disk in the tree a few times and kept missing it.

All of a sudden he exclaimed, “Ouch, I just got stung.”

It first I didn’t believe him, it was getting dark and I did not see or hear any bees around. There didn’t look like there was anything in the bottle. I thought maybe something had fallen off the tree and hit him. I looked really close and nothing seemed swollen on his chest.

So I picked the bottle up and and threw it at the disk. All of a sudden I felt a sting on my left hand and there was another bee swarming around my head. I ran away a bit and the bee left me alone. My son wanted to keep throwing the bottle at the disk but I wanted to leave. I figured if someone else found the disk they could have it.

Sunday Morning

The next morning I came back with a short branch that I thought would be easier to throw at the disk. I very cautiously threw the branch up in the tree but I’m not a very good throw and I could tell it would take me many tries to get it down. The bees were still in the area, so I was being very careful not to get them upset.

I thought maybe the hive was up in the tree but looking around in the daylight I found it down in the ground at the base of the tree.

diskInTree .jpg
Empty beer bottle, branch and if you look real close you might find the disk – click for viewing full screen

The branch was dropping really close to the hive entrance and I was scared that the bees would get upset again at some point. So I changed my recovery plan and found a long branch that could reach up to where the disk was. I stood just on the other side of the tree from the hive, up on top of an old stump and reached up gently with the branch. Needless to say I was a bit nervous about what the bees would think of me, especially if I lost my footing on the stump and fell down in front of the hive.

Finally, victory was mine and the Archangel disk fell down with a thud – right in front of the hive. I looked at it and started laughing.

The bees looked at it with a strange query, “What in the heck has fallen from the Heavens?” :-D

disk .jpg
Almost in grasp, the Archangel disk sat by the bee hive entrance – click for viewing full screen

I backed off and cautiously waited a bit to see their reaction. After awhile I casually wandered by and picked up the disk, and luckily non of the bees followed me. I said, “It is a XT Archangel disk by Innova. I doesn’t usually fly all that well for me, but I recommend hunching over like a Gargoyle when you throw it and almost knuckle-dragging the front end of the disk on the tee pad on release. With any luck it will turn up and fly.”

With that, I happily wandered around the park throwing the newly recovered Archangel disk around.

Sunday’s silly theological question: When recovering an Archangel from a tree, should one use an empty beer bottle or a tree branch?

The exact location of the bee hive should remain a secrete. Please don’t tell anyone, the bees are normally pretty good natured and I would rather the park maintenance people didn’t exterminate the hive. (It might be nice to have a warning sign though, but I fear that if I told anyone about it they would not put up a sign but choose to kill the bees.)

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+.

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I had followed your narrative keenly, wondering where it was going. The ending made me laugh. I'm in awe of your narrative and descriptive skills!

Sorry about the stings.


Thank you. I am glad that you understand my humor and enjoyed the read. The stings itch a little at this point but were really not that bad. I'm happy that we were not stung too badly.


hello my dear friend how are you, are you okay

This is great, you can see it very well and you take some good pictures. is your condition okay @lightsplasher


Thank you, our condition is fine. Neither of us are allergic to bees and the stings just itch a little at this point.


This makes me happy to hear it and hopefully we can move well.

@Lightplasher's nice post,

What are you doing now, is it healthy, I haven't commented on your post for a long time, I hope you are healthy and healthy


I'm doing fine. I'm harvesting vegetables from the garden and feeling healthy. I'm glad bitcoin is going up in value again. How are things with you?

bees are known to be dangerous animals, but the water produced from these bees hives has many benefits, both for body slimming, and also good for baby's health.


Bees are so important for pollination too. We would not have food without the help of bees.

great post @lightsplasher ,
bees are insects that are extraordinary, always eat good.
issue a good one.
if it is settled, it does not make branches and flowers damaged. never interfere with others, but if disturbed, the bees will give a powerful injection.
so the human being should always be beneficial to others.
Thank you dear friend.
Regard @longberry


Thank you too dear friend. Bees are so beneficial but you do have to be careful around them.

the post is very good, I really like what you said my dear friend, big and tall wood tree, but still beautiful, is your son big


Thank you dear friend. My son is just starting to drive a car, so he is very close to his adult size.


very nice my friend, sometime when there is time you come here with his son while taking a walk, to our area in aceh indonesia

Very good post u have uploaded. I am big fan of you brother.
I am still new. Need u brother. Please feel free visit my posts. Im tankful

Glad you recovered it. Wonder if a telescoping painting pole might be a good item to leave in the truck for such days!

I had a time where there was a yellow jacket nest in the ground and they flew up my pant leg...Not a warm fuzzy kind of feeling. I was thankful I was on my 30 acres which was surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods. I was also happy I wore underwear that day lol.


Oh man, I really hate it when I get any type of insect up my pant leg. I accidentally stood on an anthill once when I was a kid - need I say more? (Nothing beats the embarrassment of having to pick the ants off your privates as a kid, LOL)

I've thought about a telescoping tree trimmer too. That might be more useful for me around the house, although my trees are not yet big enough to need one yet.

Or maybe I could run a drone with a kite string on it into the disk in the tree. (The kite string is just in case the drone gets stuck after ramming the disk) A drone might be helpful in finding a disk lost in tall weeds too. (Some entrepreneur needs to design an autonomously operating recovery drone with a bean bag cannon for shooting disk golf disks out of trees, LOL)


Hey now you are talking!!! A perfect excuse to get a drone! They take some great footage. I should have got a DJI Phantom 4 when Steem was so high!!! Those Phantoms have a long flight time/range. You ever see the 4k footage of a cruise ship like this....


Wow, nice footage. Those would be fun to play around with. I bet Steem will go back up at some point. I would expect drone prices to go down and the value of Steem to go up, so perhaps new toys will eventually be in the cards. :-)

Very good smartphone photography dear.
How r you.
Feel free visit my blog.

I haven't been stung by a bee but a spider and a wasp I did and it hurts. Maybe fumigating the tree where the bees are before retrieving your disk is a good idea but anyway you got it safely anyway @lightsplasher I am glad that you had some good time there with your son.


These bees are generally pretty safe to be around. I do worry a bit about small children but they should be watched by parents at the age that they might get in trouble stepping on a bee hive. We need the bees for making our food, so I think it is best to live and let live. Those people who are very allergic to bee stings should probably carry an EpiPen with them just in case they are stung.

Certainly getting stung once in awhile doesn't stop me from getting out there and enjoying things but wasps in particular can be really painful when they sting you multiple times. (Maybe we need to genetically alter our skin to stop bee, wasps, mosquitoes, and bullets - Kevlar skin, I should patent that, LOL)


You are right about that Epipen because they can die really. Sometimes my brother is so allergic that he wheezes but he had no asthma @lightsplasher
I couldn't care less about being stung because I get pricked during dialysis with large needles four times per week. :/

Pictures are good and post is also. Ur best dear.
Brother r u busy, you are not visiting me for few day. Its upset thing. Please visit me


Thank you. Please don't feel bad if I'm not always able to visit your blog. I do try to get around as best as I can, but I don't use any automated voting system and tend to get busy with various things.

I am always be your fan. Till the next moment.
Brother feel free visit me. I ll be glad if u visit me

Hai, teman saya @lightsplasher apa kabar?


I'm fine thank you. How are you?


I am happy to hear the news there friends are fine. I'm also in good condition, my friend @lightsplasher

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Good photography, the scenery is amazingly beautiful, I want to always visit your blog @lightsplasher , and share it with your posts, my brother @lightsplasher .


Thank you, I do like the scenery around here. The smoke has mostly cleared now and the temperature feels just right.


Ok, cleanliness is a part of faith, now it's clean and definitely fresh ... thanks @lightsplasher ...

Memprihatinkan dengan musibah yang menimpa anda dan anak anda @lightsplasher [yang di sengat oleh lebah].


No worries, we are fine but thank you for your concern.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

it would have been nice to play golf disks with beloved child, but also i concerned behind that there was an accident that happened to you and your child @lightsplasher. Is this the type of bee that stings you and your child ?



Something like that type of bee, but they were a bit longer and darker looking. The type of bee that stung us likes to burrow in the ground. They like to live in the forest and I have been bitten before by them. You do need to be careful that you don't get too close to their hives or step on them accidentally. If you run away, they will not chase you for long, so that is good.


Yes, friend, I now understand the type of bee you mean. I have met the with the bee that you mean and I have been chased by it. but fortunately I was not stung by the bee.

Wow, it's definitely exciting to play it, I'm very interested in this post and I want to share it


I have a lot of fun playing disk golf that is for sure. I'm not very good at it yet but it is fun to learn.

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thanks for appreciation teacher

Dear light. U have really a great talent of photography art. Really best u are. Best wishes from me.
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