To be the best, you have to be unique and selfless. Here's a few things to do/learn to be the best.

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In life you need to see beyond the present and see the possibility of a bright future.

Below are few things you could do that will place you on the path of positivity and ensure others see the bright side of you.

  • Say 'thank you': When someone did something for you, even if it's the most basic things. Ensure you appreciate them by saying 'Thank you". With this the person will understand that you are a grateful person and see what he/she has done as an act of kindness that needs to be spread around. By saying "Thank you" you may have opened the door of opportunity for someone else to receive such thing.

  • Apologize when you are wrong: There's no perfect human, we are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes it may be so great/obvious that it hurts alot and it may also be seen as intangible by you but in all, learn to apologize and be genuine about it.

  • Show up on time: In this generation, we are so carefree of time. We fail to respect others time, especially of they are our juniors or are lesser in rank than we are. This is not just a workplace thing, we do it even to our own family and friends. Always make sure you arrive at a said location at the agreed time, showing up on time is good sign that you're serious about what you want to do and it's a sign of respect to others. Take note.

  • Be nice to strangers: One of the people who are often left weak and at the mercy of others are strangers. Strangers can be travellers, tourists and many others alike. Always be nice to them, irrespective of the nature of their appearance. Don't take advantage of their situation to defraud, swindle or cheat them. Be careful, be nice.

  • Listen without interrupting: One thing we all need to learn is listening, many of us hear more than we listen. Many people around us needs us, but keep failing to listen to their cry. When people talk to you, try and see from their perspective don't be so quick to respond or interrupt them. Try and get the message, they have something for you. Listen more.

  • Admitting you were wrong: This sometimes look like an uphill task. Especially, when you're talking to people and they depends so much on your information and believed in you. Going back to admit your information was wrong, or you have acted wrongly seems to be the hardest thing to do. But I have to tell you the truth, it is the right and best thing to do. Admit it, own it and be responsible for it. People will respect you more.

Others include: following your dreams, being a mentor,holding doors open and learning & using people's names.

Be different.



Nice one @lightoj.

These are virtues that should be embedded in everyone.

The 'be nice to strangers' is something I did not consciously do until a few years ago.

It can be fun. You surprise them for one thing, you can see appreciaion and it makes shopping easier! Lol

It started with a story I read about random acts of kindness. I really feel this is a good way to make daily errands much more pleasant. We all have to interact, may as well make it enjoyable.

These are all valuable reminders. Just too bad we have to be reminded.

Being nice to strangers is actually fun, they're sometimes in awe. It's random, they weren't expecting it. It's a really good thing to do.

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