People you need to distance yourself from.

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In life, we are faced with many challenges. As we struggle and strive to overcome them we often met people along the way. We seek refuge and companionship with them, some offer to help us while others neglect and watch.

How do you now understand life and be able to scale through obstacles and enjoy your success? It's only by surroundings yourself with the right people who will help you focus on your goals and support you to reach the zenith.

Below I try to explain some things about people you need to distance yourself from. They will not help you, they'll only drag you down.

Distance yourself from people who:

  • Speak poorly about others: This is a common trait of people who'll bring you down. Don't stay around them or better still whenever they are about starting towards that line cut them short and change your topic of conversation. You'll never be safe with such persons, they'll do the same about you. If you notice mostly, persons with such traits are often seeking favour or just want to get close to you for a particular purpose. They want to exploit you through empathy and emotion. Watch your back.

  • Have problems for every solution: For every success you achieve, this set of persons are there to ensure you have no rest of mind. They'll come up with something, a new problem, a complain, they'll just bring something to cut short your success and create uproar or an unrest for you. Stay clear.

  • Enjoy complaining: These ones are never satisfied, they hardly have any day free of complaining. They complain about anything and everything. They are never happy and will influence you into their depression.

  • Blame others for losing: They never take responsibility for any inconvenience caused. Directly or indirectly they always blame something or someone for every misfortune they suffer even when it's their own making. Stay clear of this type of person, they're are likely to make you suffer or make you feel less of yourself if care is not taking.

  • Take more than give: Stay away from person who find it hard to give. They are usually about what they can get from you. It's always about taking from you, they are about what you can offer but offer you nothing in return.

  • Cheat or lie: Watch it with these set of person. Leave without turning back, they are never to be trusted. You're most likely going to be a target and it may end badly if care is not taking. Cheats and liars alike don't really care about you, they are selfish. They'll always be, it's a hard thing to quit. When you notice it, don't stay.

Of course, the list is endless but I've only tried to explain the few that comes to mind.

Feel free to add more by using the comment box. I'll love to read your thoughts about these too.

Be aware! Be alert! Watch your back!

You're a light, Shine!!!!


Sad but true. So unfortunate we have to read between the lines when getting to know someone.

I suppose I have people in my life that fit into one of these slots. I often concede a few character traits if I enjoy someone's company. But these people aren't in the close, trusted group I consider friends. Just people I know and see occassionally.

I get a bit stingy with compassion and sympathy as I find most people have enough for themselves, they don't need mine. I think that would be possibly another type to watch out for. The 'all about me' crowd. Where their problems are a crisis, their achievements recognizeable, their success to be celebrated. Yours is shrugged off. Not an equal support system!

Just make sure you are comfortable with someone and keep your guard up. People can disappoint you and that is tough to deal with.

I can be nice to people I don't like. Doesn't kill me. So I go about it that way. Be nice, keep your distance.

And, I suspect, people reading this might not even recognize themselves in one of these categories. They just don't realiz how they treat people.

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