Everything you go through, grow you.

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Everything you go through, grow you.

Reach for the stars, fall halfway, try again but never quit. It may look impossible but with the right drive, motivation and inspiration you'll get there. You'll be able to create something unique and exceptional that will compel the world to bow at your feet, eager to learn how you made it happen.

You want to be a Doctor, Engineer or whatever it is. That's your dream, your ultimate goal, stick with it, appreciate it.

When trying things could go sour, don't relent. Your absolutely perfect theory may prove wrong in some circumstances and give you huge setbacks, don't stop. The future may appear like a mirage, believe in it. You can make it real.

In trying to achieve your dream, you may fail a major exam, miss an important appointment or some opportunities. Don't give up, try again.

All the things you face in your journey, it's part of the guide. They are the necessary information and experience you need to hold you up high in that dream position when you get there. Take note of the little things, be alert, be aware.

Your dream about the future will become a reality, when you explore and acknowledge your today while you persevere and learn from your past.




I have a refridgerator magnet that says "Shhot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars". Author, unknown.

Our son and I have this discussion often. Succeeding and perfection are two different things in my mind. He is very intent on perfection. I am able to accept a job well done.

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