Dreams and dedication: A Powerful Combination

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Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.

Life achievements are mostly as a result of dedication to dreams. Dreams don't just come to pass overnight, it is usually continuous and persistent effort made towards a plan.

On the path to achieving any dreams, there are four major things to take note and work solidly upon. They go by the acronym SWOT meaning Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.

  • Strength: In achieving your dreams, it is necessary that you have a plan. A plan is the step by step breakdown of how to achieve your dream and make it become a reality. When you set out to execute these plans, you will need to identify your strength. Identifying your strength helps you to understand more about you, where you can take up tasks within your plan and where to outsource and invite others to help execute your plan. When you identify your strength and use it to your advantage, your dreams come true in no time.

  • Weaknesses: There is no perfect human, as such you cannot be everything at the same time. Therefore, during the process of executing your dreams you will need to identify your weaknesses. Identifying your weaknesses will help you to be able to effectively engage within your plan, know where to improve upon and what needs to be learnt to ensure the fulfillment your dreams.

  • Opportunity: You need to be able to identify potentials and opportunities when you come across them. Opportunity is not something that always shine itself in your face begging for attention. It usually comes in disguise, parading itself as dirt, hidden in the mud. You have to explore and utilize your unique ability to make sure it's not missed. Take note of your environment, it's mostly around you.

  • Threat: To every dream, there's always a threat. You'll always encounter obstacles in executing your dreams. Include the possibility in your plan, that will give you chance to deal with it head-on if it manifest itself during the process. Take care of all threats and deliver your plan in an unfamiliar style that will make your dreams stand out when it eventually come to pass.

In conclusion, be careful as you grow, plans may fail, keep your dreams.



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Right on target.

At times it seems life just happens. That is ok, too. Not all dreams need to be big and glorious....have your own, personally tailored dreams. Heed the advise above!

And, I would add. Be prepared for the unexpected. This is where the skills taught here will be very important.

Thanks. Great advice

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