Nikola Tesla's free 'Worldwide Wireless Power System' was stopped by financial elites JP Morgan and George Westinghouse

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Tesla's Anti-Gravity flying machine, or as he terms it -


Tesla Anti-Gravity.jpg

Did you all know that it was JP Morgan (One of the largest financial firms in the US) and Westinghouse (largest electrical equipment producer in the world) that intentionally bankrupted Tesla and stole several of his ideas for large profits and personal gains?

Tesla issued around 300 patents and claims he kept some of his best inventions a secret. When he died, his work was confiscated by the US government and locked up until more recently when the US had to return it to his relative in Russia. The information was buried and he was removed from the history books. Most have heard of Edison (Businessman, Not even an electrical engineer) but not Tesla (the most brilliant mind that has ever existed) who invented the entire 21st century.

Tesla's Lab.jpg

The current electrical system we use was invented by Tesla in late 1800's. JP Morgan and Westinghouse stole the idea and have been making money from it by charging the entire world for electricity and copper wire ever since.

After Tesla's AC power was taken over by bankers and greedy businessmen for large profits, he developed a free energy system that would power the world with free, unlimited, wireless power. Transmitted at 99.999% efficiency.

Wardenclyffe Tower was where he was building the transmission station in 1901-02

Wardenclyffe Tower.jpeg

He was lacking funds to complete the project so he went to the only people he knew who could help him with funding. Can you guess who? Yeah, that's right - no other than JP Morgan chase. You know what this crooked slime ball did? He wrote up a business agreement with Tesla stating he would loan him $100 000 to complete the project under the condition that they would hold 51% of the shares in his company.

Tesla never was a businessman. His one and only drive in life was to develop the most efficient electrical system humanly possible. He agreed to the terms and got to work. He used up his loan and needed a little extra funding to complete his 'Worldwide Wireless System'. When he approached JP Morgan for additional funding they denied him and since they held 51% of the shares they voted that the company was not to seek funding from any other lenders. Shortly after Wardenclyffe tower mysteriously burned to the ground and that was the end of free energy(for your average joe at least). They intentionally put a stop to the project in order to continue profiting from Tesla's original alternating current system that we still use and pay heavily for today. The average cost to wire a medium sized home is around $20 000 CND alone. And then you pay these crooks every month for the rest of your life to use the power. Your average motor circuit has 95% line losses between point of production and point of use. This is an immensely inefficient system.

This one malicious act, carried out by JP Morgan, is quite possibly the biggest crime against all of humanity we will ever witness. Can you imagine if we never had to pay for our gas, our electric bill, heat bill, cell bill, etc again? Can you imagine if we never bothered to pull the oil out of the ground because we never needed to? All these wars fought over oil would have never happen.

Tesla states in his work that we have an infinite source of energy floating through the ether in the form of charged electrons. If Wardenclyffe was never sabotaged by JP Morgan and Westinghouse the Worldwide Wireless System woul have provided us with power at any point on the globe. All you would have to do is hammer a metal rod into the ground and you have power. An unlimited supply of Free, clean energy to use as you please.


I often have people tell me I get too angry when I start ranting about the bankers and the FIAT money system, but when you know the true history of North America and the Tesla/JP Morgan/Westinghouse saga you can bet your ass you're going to be angry.

Why am I such a believer in Crypto and precious metals? Because they are the anti-dollar. The sooner we stop using this devil money the sooner we can regain control of our world.

A major shift has begun and if you aren't prepared things could get tough. FIAT currencies will eventually all go to their intrinsic value of 0.


The central banking system is destroying our world through the suppression of information and technologies and by their relentless addiction to oil, war, and control. The time has come for use all to leave this archaic form of debt slavery and let it burn to the ground.

This is why silver, gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are so important at this very point in time. The truth is filtering out and the smart ones are already positioning themselves for the collapse of the US dollar and many other government issued currencies. We will have a return to 'real money'. In order for mankind to move past this era of violent oppression, we MUST stop using these war mongers' currencies and eventually stop letting them steal our money through the form of taxation. This is what gives them power over us. Once we cut off these crooks funding, and the capital starts flowing into the world changing technologies that already exist, we will see our civilization truly flourish.

I am so relieved that I can finally see a way out of this mess.

Free energy, anti gravity, world peace, debtless money, and transparent government are all coming.

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Viva la resistance!




So JPMorgan screwed us by killing Tesla's inventions, and they are still screwing us today with their derivatives, market manipulation schemes, high fees and fraud banking. Amazing!

You nailed it.

Unfortunately, Tesla also went crazy and fell in love with a pigeon in the end.

Genius and Insanity is a very thin line... :p

Who wouldn't go crazy if you knew the answers to all the worlds' problems but no one would listen? I did hear he would put out his arms and all the pigeons would come land on them. I'm sure he was a lonely man, I don't believe he was ever with a woman. Spent all his waking hours doing research.

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