What trying to get a job at fashion house taught me.

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"leaders choose their own path. Followers have their paths chosen for them"
Those were the words that I thought as I began walking to catch the train. I was on my way to look for another job. That's because the one I had fired me. Looking back, I still can't believe it. It was a total blindside. Though, I was optimistic that something even better was waiting around the corner from me. When I got on the train I started to feel a little sick . "It'll go away," i thought. I had traveled from the San Jose area to San Francisco. What was in San Francisco for me? It was Union Square. Union Square houses some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the country. So when I arrived there after a fourty-five train ride, I was in awe. Some of the buildings were two and three story. All the stores were decorated with fancy signs and guards lined each door front. Some of the stores were intimidating, but I didn't really feel afraid as I have a lot of confidence. I walked along until I saw a store that I liked. When I went in, I approached one of the workers. I asked him how to work in the store. He looked me up and down and stated I needed to have a resume. In that moment it felt great. That's because in this moment I had someone test my confidence and I didn't even flinch. I walked out the door in search of another store. When I found another one I liked, I walked in. This time, the employee was much nicer and happily provided me an application. I filled it out the best that I could and gave it to another employee. This employee was not nice and all, and as soon as I handed her my resume, she looked at it with utter disgust. I didn't really care though, as I was already out the door and on my way. I had had enough and was going home. I felt strong, bold, fearless, and determined. I don't need to work in this city, nor do I need to work in this square. They missed out on my value and probably deep down know it. That day taught me a lot. Always have confidence, because if you don't, people like the ones in these stores will break you like a toothpick and suck out whatever energy they can. You and me are worth much more than we think, trust me.
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