64 year old woman lives in a car, and What she has to say is priceless

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Meet Dee

Dee is a 64 year old woman who has been living in a car for the last few months. Growing up, Dee says she loved to camp and travel. Well, traveling is now her full time job. She resides mostly on public land, such as in the deserts. In the interview, Dee explains how she got into living in a car. "Four years ago I got a divorce, tried living on my own," she goes on, "it was almost impossible..." Those words would make a lot of people fret. That's because one of the things that many people fear is homelessness. However, with Dee, it's just another shrug of the shoulder. She explains that she had gone back to live with her ex husband but describes it as "a very volatile situation." Therefore, Dee made the big leap and moved into her car. Though, by now, her finances were drying up and all that she was left with was a ss check for $800 a month. Fortunately,  with her determination , Dee was determined to not give up and to make the most out of her situation. 

How she lives

Dee lives in a fairly compact car with her little dog, Dolly. Inside, she has made a makeshift bed by removing the passenger side and back seat and adding a narrow mattress. She uses two buckets to go to the bathroom and owns a small portable stove that she uses to cook meals with. To combat the cold, she has a portable heater, which she advises during operation must have about three inches of air ventilation. Fortunately,  Dee suggests that the heater is adequate in keeping her comfortable. For the windows, she uses reflector shades for insulation and to block the sun. She even has them underneath the carpet. Throughout the car, Dee uses every crevice and cubbyhole to store items. On the roof, she has  solar panels that  help power some of the electronics and lights inside.  For the outside, she has a tent and camping kit that she sets up once she reaches her destination. Inside the tent, Dee has placed a few fold-up chairs, an ice chest, a couple of tables, a water jug, storage containers, and some other items.

What she has to say

Dee shares her struggles. "I cant continue living like that," she says. So, she doesn't. From her divorce and lack of money, to the challenges of being formerly physically disabled, she has shown what true strength is. Hard work and determination is what Dee believes got her to her current condition. She's joyful, loves the fresh air, and is happy to connect to people wherever she goes. That, therefore, is the greatest lesson. It doesn't matter what anyone's situation is, happiness and prosperity can still be felt and experienced. After all, if a 64 year old woman can be happy living in a car, then happiness can surely come from anywhere. 

Thank you Dee for your incredible story and have a wonderful year!

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