Trying to get a grip!

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The weather changing, inconsistency in my schedule, many good things but also coming up against brick walls with newer endeavours. Crawling through mud (but NOT in a cool wrestling kinda hot way) and trying to distil all my thoughts and stay present in my feelings and honest about my goals.

Being an entrepreneur has so many ups and downs, and as someone who has multiple revenue streams and communities that I love I'm feeling like maybe I am spread a bit too thin and need to really figure out what I want the next phase of my life/career to look like. I'm trying to get real about what I can and cannot control and how much of my time and energy I need to give to certain things.

Life seriously is a circus.

Any tips, reads or personal experience? Please share!!!

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I have no idea how actors can handle the constant auditioning. That would be very stressful.

Oh my! Getting organized is tough, however, you can do this. Myself, I'm up when Scott is and then have coffee; once he heads out, I am working online. I try to get all my website, steem, and video work done in the morning. Its my ritual and if i dont do it, i am running behind all day. Good luck!


Thank youuuu! I think that'd a good idea- I do like to start my day with something technology free (like reading) but even that I've been behind on! But yes- gotta just get back on a schedule and make it happen.


It is really hard getting back on a schedule when you have been off of it. Good luck

Awesome video, Katelyn 🙌🏻 I understand how you’re feeling as I’ve been there. I do not operate well when I have a lot going on at once. But yes, priorities are key. Figure out what it is that you desire most right now and what is most important...the create an action plan to pursue those things first. Perhaps creating a weekly schedule to go along with that would help keep you on track. Google Calendar is s nice free tool for that.

Another thing that helps is to get out in nature and breathe in some fresh air. Often times inspiration will come to me in those moments of walking / jogging on a trail or through a field.

I am a free spirit type person so often times it’s hard for me to focus on one or two things through to completion. It wasn’t until I found Steem that I got truly grounded and consistent in my actions. I found the thing I love and it took away my shiny object syndrome.

Find that one thing you love and give it your all. Everything else will fall into place. Hope these suggestions help in some way 👋🏻

-Ken 🙂

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Love this! Thanks Ken xoxo

I think we all have to take a break sometimes. When crazy ideas come, we love to make them real, but we can't do evething we want. That's why I'm not posting for 3 days, to start again with new energy when everything settle down with these steem updates. ☺


Yes, settling and grounding down is so important! See you in a few days xox

That is truly amazing and great that you do all those auditions.