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The GOOD news is that I AM home, ALIVE and with my family getting a little better everyday! The bad news is since we don't know for sure why this started happening, I do get scared every time I wake up and have a headache.

It's been a slow recovery but, before I tell you about that, I want you to know that I have joy in my heart. After spending approximately 13 nights in ICU and 2 nights on the main floor, on February 4th the doctor came in and asked me if I would like to actually go home! I started sobbing!! I said "YES!" I had only seen my 2 boys about 30 minutes during that whole time. I was SO excited!

20171215_155844.jpg(This was taken this last Christmas before this all began in my life)

Little did I know that this wasn't the end of this journey! I couldn't believe how much my muscles had deteriorated in just a few weeks I was SO weak. I have been trying to workout a little bit each day to try to recover my strength.

Also, because I still had some blood stains in my brain, AND had 2 seizures in the hospital, they sent me home with anti-seizure medication called Keppra. MAN, it has totally made me a crazy lady! I have been suffering from many side effects Including: depression, chilling, paranoia, crying, and even a little anxiety! I hope and pray that I won't have to be on this for very long! If any of you are on anti-seizure medication you know what I am talking about.

Since the doctors still can't explain why this happened in the first place, I will be having another CT scan next month to check my brain at that time. I just hope and pray the blood on my brain is drying up, and I show no signs of any more damage. Also, since we don't know for sure why this started happening, I do get scared every time I wake up and have a headache.

So please if you would, continue to keep me in your prayers. I now treasure every precious moment with my family, not taking even one day for granted! Because no one knows how long they have in this world!

So love greatly, laugh often, and live like there's no tomorrow.......BECAUSE LIFE IS A DONUT!



You will get stronger each and every day. My heart and thoughts send you loving light to surround you, uplift you and encourage you to have faith that this to shall pass and your life will be exactly as you desire it to be. Stay strong and fear not, see yourself healthy and whole one day at a time. xoxo

Hi @sunscape, You are always so kind to me. I appreciate your encouraging words. I do have faith that God will help me get through this. Have a wonderful day my friend.

You are most definitely in my prayers, my friend, I so admire your spunk in the face of such a calamitous bit of health uncertainty. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all and hang in there😊

I really appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Prayers for sure!! Hugs and well wishes from Texas!!

I appreciate your encouragement and prayers! Have a wonderful day!

Hugs and prayers. Wishing you a quick recovery. The side effects of medication can be a challenge to say the least but you need them to prevent the seizures. I am sure the doctor is monitoring your blood levels for the meds. Different meds work differently on everyone. Just a suggestion from someone who has been in the med your own research and be proactive in your healthcare. Wishing you the very best! Have a wonderful day.

I appreciate that! I thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful day!

Wow, what a story! I was following your case by the hour, through @noboxes. We never know the full effects of those drugs! I hope you are able to kick them as soon as you can...

Thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughts and checking up on my recovery. I am hoping to continue to get better!

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I loved, loved, loved meeting you in person and chatting with you tonight!! You are such an inspiration! Life is a donut and toys make it even better! 😉

It was great meeting you last evening! I will certainly keep you and your family in my prayers.

This didn't seem to show up in my feed, so when I remembered I hadn't read the last part of your story, I went looking for it. I am glad you are at home now. You and your story are inspirations to people dealing with serious illness. It's hard to be joyful in circumstances such as yours, but I believe that you will be able to encourage others who are going through similar situations.

I just found this response you sent me a few weeks ago. I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I hope your days are filled with laughter and fun! Live like there's no tomorrow!

Holy Moly! What an ordeal! Sending you lots of healing thoughts andwishing you all the best of everything!

I appreciate the kind thoughts and wishes! I appreciate every day I have now! I hope you have a wonderful day too!