Always Been Free

in #life2 years ago


Get loose!


Do not say you are free now.

For you have always been free.

Before death became death,
You have always been free from death.

You are a portion of Eternity.
You are older than Creation.
You are, have always been, will ever be.

Victory! The sphinx of death is gone
Victory! It is!
Victory! Is the grave
Victory! It is all!

For we found victory when we became friends with death.
We reconciled with an old beautiful friend when we became free from our fear of towards.

Now don't say this friendship lasts forever.
For it has lasted since the end of forever.

Death is beautiful.

Death is not the end.

Death is the beginning and the end.

For there is nothing new under Light.

What we call beginnings are ends,
What we call ends are beginnings.

What we call changes are constants,
What we call constants are changes.