Our cat "The Boy" purring up a storm!steemCreated with Sketch.

in life •  9 months ago

There's not a lot of video in this video, I took it as an "audio" mostly. :)

He purrs so loudly! You can hear him from the next room over. He was found in a field in the winter, two and a half years ago, which is basically how old he is (add a month or so, he was tiny!).

I think it's so neat that he's so happy to be around us -- although, when I was holding him after we had been away for a couple weeks last year, my wife coughed and he freaked out and tore my side up. So I'm careful while holding him...

This was taken in the attic, as I was working on the litter box; he came up to me and started purring, so I started recording. :)


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That would be a great sleep aid!

I also found a kitten outside my house some months ago. It was so cute. he had been with me for some days and friend wanted to have cat so he asked me and i gave him. And now he's already big


Ours went through a similar process! One friend found him, gave it to another family, but they had two cats and another was too much. So they found a friend to keep it, but he decided he didn't want it after a few weeks. We took a look at him, and took him.

Which is mostly okay, his purring as in the video is just amazing, you can hear it from the other room. But last night I was carrying him down the stairs, and bumped into something which fell on the floor and he took off, tearing my chest apart. No more carrying. :(

Lovely cat. Hw is today libertyteeth?


Today pretty much sucks, I just smashed my ankle into an open dishwasher and am icing it now. Was holding off on answering replies until this evening but I think I'm going to pass on it and wait for tomorrow. Thanks. :(


Oh. Sori about dat. But i hope it is not very serious? Wish you quick healings.


Rice - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Why not use dtube.video


Good question! Didn't know about it. Just started on vid.me -- but, Steemit doesn't show the thumbnail like it does for YouTube. Does it for dtube.video? If not, then, I'll stick with YouTube for now.

I had started posting to both vid.me and YouTube, but I've stopped doing the former as it just seems extra wasted effort.

Arhhhh Cute Pussy!🤣🐱

ohhh ouhhhh

the video is kind of dark.it cute,but i do not like cat that much.


Sorry! But, you gave me an idea for a future video; I'll have to wait until one of these cats misbehaves, and then, I'll grab it. :)

nice cat :)

Very nice cat , Great video
you shoud post it in DTUBE it will be HUGE
thank you for sharing


Does a dtube link show a thumbnail like a YouTube link? I know that vid.me does not, so I've stopped using that (it's a Steemit issue, but, I want it to look good).


I was very pleased to see a version of youtube in the steemit blockchain the idea is great, finally we can post our videos on this super platform, technical side DTUBE is far to the top, it takes a lot of job

miaou miaou, pussy cat!!

sweet. I'm more a dog person but it's more because I'm allergic to kitties :(


There are hairless types, but I prefer these. :)

I've had dogs as well, growing up, and would like them again once we stabilize.

That's one happy camper!