My voting power is nearing 100%; first 10 to respond get a 100% upvote!steemCreated with Sketch.

in #life5 years ago

Here's how to respond:

  1. Resteem this post.
  2. If you're not following me, follow me.
  3. Comment on this post that you did the above.

I still need to read the whitepaper, perhaps tomorrow.


I'm in! Followed, upvoted and resteemed!

Come on by and check out some precious metals @thedamus


Oops, forgot to record the beginning % but it's not far from where the last one I did was; after 88.00%; upvote $3.37.

Damn! Thanks a lot!!!

I'll hit u back with 100, but i'm sub 60 right now...

F.U.R.R. and if I'm too late, that is OK! :D

Great to be your follower, @libertyteeth!

I was already a follower, it was in my feed ;)

Before: 86.08%; after: 84.36%; upvote: $3.24.

Thanks Mr. TEETH!
I also f.u.r.r.'ed your wifey, 100% upvote, to help her along...
To me, Liberty's Teeth is the Gold and Silver in your avatar,
but also LEAD and BRASS, IYKWIM!

Yes, exactly. Recently I looked the quote up and learned that George Washington might not have initially said it: "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s Liberty teeth and keystone under Independence."

From here:

What is f.u.r.r.? Thanks!

Resteemed, already following my love! :)

follow upvote resteem Done and Done and Done have a good day thanks POWER TO THE PEOPLE! =D

Missed this earlier as it was a reply to someone else -- so it doesn't show up in my "Replies" tab.

Before: 95.49%; after: 93.58%; upvoted: $3.58.


Agreed! 93.62% beforehand, 91.74% after, $3.52 upvote.

Did it. Let's see your power :D

Before: 91.76%; after: 89.92%; upvote: $3.44.

Oh... why not.

Before: 88.02%; after: 86.25%; upvoted: $3.31.


Done! 9th

Before: 84.07%; after: 82.38%; upvote: $3.16.


Make me an alternate if someone doesn't comply!!
followed • upvoted • resteemed @libertyteeth!

Before: 82.39%; after: 80.74%; upvote: $3.09.

Awesome power!

Once again, too late to the party and the dance was over... alas, always a wallflower, never a wall. Lol.

Bu kudos on the process/program. Very cool way to spread the wealth.

O I am also waaaaay to late - work interfering with steemit hahaha

You made it to the party! Dance ended but oh well -- you're #10. Thanks everyone!

And thanks for the feedback. I'm down to 77.29% now, and I think I'll make this a weekly, if not more often, thing. Cheers!

Super cool celebration for bitcoin fork day!
Thanks @libertyteeth! You're showing everyone how to do it -- all classy like

Thx again for earlier! Steem On & Rock On!!!

Woohoo. Thanks!

[Puts on dancing shoes]

Everyone who comments will be upvoted 10%. I've already done the 10 x 100%. Cheers everyone! I think I'll be doing this again soon, no point in letting it sit at 100%! :)

Followed, upvoted and resteemed! Thankyou @libertyeeth

So Sweet!
Voted.pngeet, thanks!

OK, OK i'm out of time...

Still learning STEEMIT!

I did all the above :)

Yep, I'm upvoting everyone who comments a 10% upvote; the 10 x 100% have already happened. I'll be doing another one later today, most likely, as my voting power is back up to 92% now.

I missed it. anyway i followed you, upvoted and reesteemed your post :)

Darn it I think I missed out on this one I going to check on your posts are often.

done, done, done. Thank you for helping!

Well I think it's a little late since I am # 99. Haha! 🐓🐓

5th to respond!! uhhh what does that get.. few I made it. And it's because I already follow you.

You need to resteem. Here's 10% though. Make another comment after resteeming for the 100%.

wish i could reach 100 % lol

Well, have a 10% upvote. :)

Just wait two days I think, right? (As you're at 30.78% right now.)

You're doing pretty well though! I aspire to be like you a year from now; followed, thanks! :)

i like voting too much though so it rarely goes above 60 percent lol thx for the follow!:) followed u as well

I am probably a bit late, but here is my comment regardless... I have resteemed and followed.


upvoted, resteemed and followed. thanks

Wow. How can u do this with just one upvote? That will be the highest payout i ever got so far. Many thanks. J

votado espero ver su poder y su ayuda para seguirlo mas ;)

Checking back in to steemit, followed you, replied, resteemed....~ljl~

Do posts like this detract from the value of the community as a whole? I wonder the take of more seasoned members. Today is only my second day

I've seen them well-received, which is why I decided to do one. YMMV.

I'm not the 10th, but may I get a nice upvote?

share the love!

Done bro... follow me back to keep us updated 😊

ok sir followed, upvoted and commented... what's next???

This one's over, as I reached 10 people -- but I'm giving every commenter a 10% upvote, so here you go!

I'll likely be doing this again, soon, with a larger number as this only brought my voting power down to around 80%. Perhaps I'll do an event where I take it from 100% down to 50%, once it's back up! :)

Nice and new

I am following you. kindly follow me.

Nice! I upvoted, followed, and also resteemed your post! Enjoy :D

This post has been ranked within the top 50 most undervalued posts in the first half of Aug 02. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $11.92 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Aug 02 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Maybe I'm too late, but I am not even commenting for the upvote, lets make this clear!

I checked your blog first, before I upvoted you with my 100%juice power!

I see you like cats :)) So do I! I see you like taking cool pics:)) So do I! I also like "plants" and nature in general. So that's why you have my follow up and a big @bellyrub is coming your way, since I have to recharge and cant upvote as much :P


LOL thanks for the @bellyrub! :) Followed you back.

No prob!;)

Ty for the follow-up, looking forward to chatting some more in the future:*


Ps I do have a @bellyrub contest everyday;) join!


Following u dear and upvoted u

Resteemed and followed. How do you get 100% voting power?

Once you have 500 STEEM Power, you get an "upvote slider" when you click the upvote button. You can give 1% to 100% (in increments of 1%) for your vote. Before you get to 500 STEEM Power, every upvote is a 100% upvote.

While doing this I recorded the upvote percentage before, after, and the dollar amount of the upvote. You can see your upvote percentage here:


Followed, upvoted and resteemed!
My blog: @fireflyer
Thank you @libertyteeth!

I followed and glad to meet you

Instructions say to resteem. Here's a 10% upvote. Resteem, and comment back, for the 100%.

Resteemed 💕

Not among the first ten to vote, but good luck to you anyway.

You are really a great person I like this post and you are genius

Resteem and done upvote and also already followed

Late to the party but also hoping my resteem and upvote well keep me included! I am new and shiny and need all the support I can get!

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 2.18 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @kid4life.

rs up & followed

upvoted and resteemed. What whitepaper are you planning to read?

Resteemed, followed, and well this is my comment... but give us some tips how to get people to read our articles, because that's what matters most to all of us!!
Thank you!!

I feel the Power!!!! Thanks @libertyteeth,,,, Already done all the homework and please let me know how does it feels to be like a god! hahaha

that is cool. resteemed :)

Done mr. @libertyteeth 👍


You aren't following me. Here's 10%, follow me and reply for the 100%.

You forgot to tell people to upvote this.

You assume that it was a memory lapse. :)

Which wouldn't be unusual, after all, I am recovering from multiple concussions!

However, in this case I did make the decision to only put those three requirements. Seems most people upvoted anyway (there are 69 of them at present). Cheers!

Concussions? Anyway some people will follow the steps as they read it. You have some interesting posts I will go through them. Cheers.

Yeah concussions suck, don't get them...

Thanks! Followed you, I like your tagline. :)


Done..Resteem, Upvote and comment.

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