Mediterranean Diet

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Recent studies confirm that this diet increases the lifetime of the people who follow it. This diet was inspired by the eating habits of Greece and Southern Italy however, the countries that surround the Mediterranean (Portugal, Spain…) started to follow it too.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean diet:

• High consumption of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, seeds, bread e.t.c;

• Olive oil for cooking and to season the food;

• Moderate amount of fish and less meat;

• Low consumption of yogurts and cheese;

• Consumption of fresh, seasonal local products;

• Active lifestyle.


Protection against chronic diseases

Over the four years of a study about the Mediterranean diet, it was found that the more closely people followed the traditional diet, they were less likely to die from either heart disease or cancer. In general, it was found that those who followed a Mediterranean diet more faithfully had a 25% lower probability of dying, suggesting a longer life for those who practice this lifestyle.

Unfortunately, more and more people are leaving this diet due to the lack of time to prepare the food, however, this diet brings many benefits so it should be followed by everyone!!!