Turning my Garage into a Workshop — Part 2: Painting

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Part one here.

You may think this will be the most boring part of my garage to workshop conversion but, my, has it made a difference!

Here's what I used:

Actually the denatured alcohol was for something later...

Taping everything and sheeting the floor took a lot longer than I expected. Maybe three hours.IMG_1170.JPG

Prime time!
IMG_1172 2.JPG

Next day, finishing off the matte "Ultra White" ceiling topcoat

And then, disaster. I tried to topcoat the ceiling and walls in one day, but it was a bad colour. Nazi grey. I felt sick. I nearly cried.

Tools down and I enjoyed a lovely shower and a sparkling-cold beer.

After that I went on the online to find a new paint colour. Truth-be-told, I was originally going with white. It was my wife who suggested a colour. I balked at her suggestion, mainly because I have huge anxiety about spontaneity; spontanxiety, as I have just decided to call it. For some reason, once I have a plan in my head, any changes to it cause a minor cognitive and emotional breakdown.

It probably stems from childhood when I got excited about things then had my plans dashed against the ground. As an example, I have a strong memory of being maybe nine years old in December. I had sudden festive elation which manifested as me going upstairs and jumping up and down on my bed singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!" I was so happy, which I thought would be appreciated at Christmastime. It felt like my emotions and those of my parents had finally synchronised. And then my name was shouted angrily from downstairs. I had done something wrong. I don't know what. It could have been anything from not clearing the draining board, to polishing my father's shoes incorrectly. Whatever it was, it jerked me to my senses. While not a plan, as such, I had experienced an aborted projection of current and future happiness. I would rarely dare to be joyful in that house again.

Once I had recovered from my wife's colour suggestion, I accidentally bought Nazi grey. Home Depot had it on offer, so my choice was made for me. Now I had to choose from the entire colour wheel!

Three hours later I found my saviour:

Crystal. Blue. Waters.

The Home Depot website said I had to wait nearly two weeks to get it! Too long. I phoned my contact and it was in my hands the next day.

Here it is:

Please now enjoy this song:

And now we continue.IMG_1192.JPG

My biggest concern with painting was all of the bugs I killed. I tried to save as many as possible. I blew them away, I shooed them with my brushes, I did what I could. But some could not be saved, like this poor critter.IMG_1190.JPG

Poseidon rest his soul.

I stood back at this point and nearly cried at the subtle beauty of this blue.IMG_1193.JPG

All done.IMG_1196.JPG

Just had to remove all the tape and sheeting. Which took AGES!IMG_1197.JPGIMG_1198.JPG

Had to touch up a few areas where the tape pulled the paint away.IMG_1199.JPG

All done.IMG_1206.JPG


I felt good about the painting. But there is still much work to do.

For one thing, I had missed a patch of topcoat on the floor. I was advised by Legacy Industrial's excellent customer service desk to scuff it up with a green pad, wipe it down with denatured alcohol (there's the callback) and bang on another coat. I did this badly, but I did it, and it was done.IMG_1207.JPG

I also applied some heat resistant window film. We have windows in our garage door, unlike most of our neighbors. We wanted some natural light. But in the west-facing afternoon sun, they created shafts of laser-hot terror. The titanium film I applied claims to reduce the heat by up to 72%, and it really does feel different. More like a warm forest glade—an ambient glow for the ages.

This is nice for a garage, but essential for a workshop.





I'm about to order a table saw. See you in part three.

Thanks for reading!

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Great post! At my house i changed all the lights, painted, installed a fume hood. This is a great documentation.


Thanks! What’s a fume hood? Over your stove?


Over our new gas range stove.


Lovely stuff.

I like that you looked after as many of the creatures in California as you could.

If you built a CNC router in here would you need to sound-treat the space?

A place in Berlin that had one created a booth-within-a-room to muffle the noise. It worked pretty well.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

If that is a regular-size car, looks like you have enough room for a small production line in that hangar.



A good question regarding CNC. Yes, it is noisy isn't it... I think my options would be to do it seldom, or to soundproof it somehow, yes. One issue is that half of the garage will be used to park a car (a bigger car than the one shown) so my space really is at a premium. I hope to at least get a small CNC machine one day though. X-Carve may be the answer.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Great update. I enjoy reading it. :)

It was my wife who suggested a colour.


If you plan to use a white/bright interior, than grey would create a nice contrast, but it was a good suggestion to use blue. It looks more friendly.


Yes it does look more friendly :D

It also picks up some of the blue in the floor flakes.

wow watching stuff like this makes me happy you are doing awesome work there :D


Thanks! I'm glad it makes you happy :D

Great and amazing post @lenskonig. You have a lots of knowledge and I appreciate your work. Fantastic shot. Nice content and brilliant post.🤗 I l loved the interior of the house. 🏡

Thanks for sharing this post.


Thank you, @stardivine! Much more to come :D


You're welcome! 😊

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