Why the Anti-Evolution Stance is Actually Proof of Evolution

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The existence of evolution is accepted scientific result worldwide. Still in the USA a lot of people say they don’t believe in evolution. This goes so far that sometimes evolution is banned from certain schools or taught on an equal footing with religion-based systems like “intelligent design”, which tells that a supreme being has build the earth and all things on it.

In their eyes the world was build by their God 7000 years ago and He created nature’s laws in a strange way and put down fake tracks to make a joke out of us humans, since those laws show that the earth is some magnitudes older.

This strange motion is nearly non-existant outside North America, even thought the USA and Canada are nominally highly educated countries.
Why is that?

Funnily enough, evolution tells us.

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Religion, or more correctly the affinity to spirituality, is genetically like cancer or alcohol dependence: Everyone can get it, but some people are more likely then others. And this trait can be inherited - this is why doctors ask you for cancers in your family.

For centuries wave and wave of European settlers have come to America. While in later times a lot of them came to flee hunger or to found a fortune, most of the settlers until the late 19th century came because of their religion.
At home they faced severe disadvantages or even death if they practiced their religion, so they decided to settle in the New World. This was also very dangerous, especially in the first time. Ships often didn’t arrive and even if you founded a town, that didn’t mean you would survive. The first settlers (who were also the first religious refugees) of Jamestown would have died without the help of the natives.
They were often close to giving up and just die, but their faith gave them strength, was often the only thing that did.

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Waves of waves of people, for whom their believe was the most important thing, came to America and gave birth to new generations of strongly religious people who mated with the next wave of religious refugees.

You could say they bred for spirituality.

In fact “intelligent design” believes are more common in families that can trace their lineage back to the first settlers then in those families that came to the US after 1900.

Which shows that genetics and evolution do indeed exist.


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Saying evolution is not true is like saying math is not true. You have to be a special kind of ignoramus to say that, or a religious fanatic. It is a thin line between those two.