Life in Harmony with the Environment

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What a delight already when you've got a handful of candies during school recess back then!


☀️This gives a quick flashback of how it was then growing up in a small community where every single person literally knew each other and literally 80% is related by blood.

Life was simple.

🌳Fruit trees were abundant, and one could hang like a monkey jumping from one kind of tree to another and come down with a bunch of different fruits in season, guavas, mangoes, santol (cottonfruit), kamias, tamarind, manzanitas (indian jujube).

Vegetables were harvested fresh from the garden as they're needed. 🌿🌱

One time, I was helping out in the kitchen, and one ingredient was lacking in my grandma's dish for lunch. She asked me to uproot a ginger plant from her garden, which I did, then I ran back to give her the freshly-uprooted ginger. She showed me how to clean ti and mix the roots and its leaves into the dish. It amazed me how that simple granny' s garden can be a wonderful source to spice up a lunch! 🌱

🦀Seafoods were abundant and fresh, so with animal meat.

🐣Eggs were picked from grandma's chicken house not from the refrigerator.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 We thrived and adapted with the natural environment we were in; it's a harmonious relationship with an unwritten mutual understanding between us and the environment. 😊


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