Create Positive Results with Your Input

in #life2 years ago (edited)

Everything that affects us is triggered by our own perception.
Perception or one’s point of view does not just come out from nowhere.
It ‘s rooted from the time a child starts to make sense of the world.


Similar to computers, one can tell the input based on the output.

If a child was raised in a happy environment with positive-thinking people and laughter and hugging rule the home, it is likely the child would grow up happy. The world would be perceived as a wonderful place to explore.

But how about if a child grew up in a place where brawling and yelling were the daily music where fussing becomes a habit and a day is incomplete without drama? The result: neither of us would want to imagine.


At our given chance, while time is a crucial player, let us paint the world with some brightness, with more colorful hues, pepper our interactions with extra kindness.

And when it’s our turn to slow down, rainbows would be visible even in midday!


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