Be Happy by Being Real

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You may not win the crowd when you show your true colors, but to have the courage to face your truth is the greatest gift you can give to yourself at any given time.


To live in a society where social media influence is at its height where photo filters become the new beautiful, the aversion to imperfection is more and more praised and subliminally worshipped. Stretch marks are ugly, wrinkles are unsightly, no make-up is unappealing.

If you are someone who tends to believe everything you a see and hear from the media, you are opening yourself to a risk of losing your personal identity.
You cannot be someone who you are not.

If the sun were to hide from its radiance, we wouldn't have a feel of the invigorating warmth of a sunny day.

If the sky were too scared or shy of its own darkness, we wouldn't have known how fascinating the twinkling stars on a night sky would look like!

You cannot dismiss the reality that it is difficult to be authentic in this world when you are alone in your battle. That is why, a tribe or a squad or a group is necessary to support you in your philosophy. A group of people who shares the same belief on being authentic can massively give moral support, suggestions and advice and most of all a group where you feel accepted no matter what.

So if you have these two, you are so blessed to be in this planet!

Do not hold back from being bold. It's a power you hold, and no one can take it away from you, so give it a damn good hold!



That's beastly and radiant dude

It's classic not just incredible!

Magenta. I wonder what would have happened if I made this

Very fabulous :-)

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