Proof Of Election Fraud In Primary Last Week? [VIDEO]

in life •  10 months ago

As screenshots from the NY Times results tracker clearly show the votes for the progressive Democrat in Illinois suddenly decrease by nearly half in one county even though that should be impossible. I go over what that means in this short segment from my TV show "Redacted Tonight."

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Thanks Lee for the eye opening account of further electoral fraud.
The first element of electoral fraud in all countries is allowing big business to make donations to political parties.
The second element is the technologically backward systems that most countries use that allow the fraud at election counts. Plus the fact that people are people and they make mistakes.
Besides, Brazil there are other countries using the blockchain for keeping an accurate and immutable record of voting .
In Estonia, they have a public blockchain called X-Road which holds,
''data that relates to taxes, medical records, voting records, digital identities, residency information – almost all facets of life.
In Estonia, the distributed ledger gives people more control over their data, and it disempowers a central authority to control said data.''

Sounds good to me. I am a technobic luddite and don't even own a smart phone but it seems blazingly obvious we should conisder solutions that can prevent election fraud.

Sadly not enough of us are listening... Or we're just too sick, tired and wasted, as @eleanorgoldfield might say, to get up and stand up for our rights...

Or maybe God is just stuck in sky traffic, but when "he" gets here...

This is why a transparent blockchain should be in charge of our voting system. Period.

This is why I don't play their game anymore. These are such fake elections and anyone who honestly wants to make changes gets bought or blackmailed.

Just don't bring that shit to the main elections


The primaries are a part of the electoral process and use the same flawed voting equipment. Given that this district has been held by Democrats for decades, that was probably the main election too.


I question the validity of any elections, that's the point! We cannot trust any election that is not run on Bloch Chain! Machines are hacked, Voter Registration is hacked. Too corrupt for the system to survive!

Just as an aside. I was just on twitter. I noticed, at first my re-tweets were on my time line as expected. Later they slowly came to a halt. Makes me wonder.

Thanks Lee, great coverage of relevant issues, I noticed the Yuan is close to being the fastest growing economy, will they be allowed to overtake the dollar? Maybe the dogs of war will howl even louder!

Proof of fraud...Isn't that the algorithm behind Ripple?