CIA + Military Have Infiltrated Mainstream Media - Here's the Proof

in life •  9 months ago

I dug deep and found the never-mentioned connections between the major players in military-intelligence-media-industrial-complex. Turns out the revolving door between weapons contractors, the intelligence community, the military and the corporate media is spinning faster than a greased-up tasmanian devil on ice. Take a look -

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Wow Anderson Cooper was an intern at the CIA. Had no idea.

until the unconscious is made conscious, we continue struck following robotic patterns without any heart presence.

Thanks Lee as always.
Before he left office Eisenhower publicly warned the American people about the dangers of the military industrial complex. Since then the budgets have got a hell of alot bigger and the wars become harder to justify. CIA schills in the media makes perfect sense.
I saw David Stockman (former budget director under Reagan) being interviewed on CNBC about the recent stock market crash. Stockman said the U.S. was heading towards bankruptcy and needed to cut back on certain things such as the half a trillion defence budget. The TV anchor woman looked at Stockman as if he was stark raving crazy and took great offence at his comment saying ,' Do you want to leave our nation defenceless!''.


Yet, Eisenhower really helped get that ball rolling and gave that speech AFTER the fact. He did not do a damn thing to rectify the situation.


Ike realized that he was part of the big dupe and seemingly regretted it.

You really hit the nail.


''America is fucked, we need more security, we need weapons and Jackson and full-body scanners at the airports... because apparently the TSA guy losing his wristwatch up your butt wasn't enough''.

I'm trying so hard to follow because it's so interesting and then all of a sudden Lee throws that in and I can't stop laughing and then I have to pause and go back again.

Brilliant as always!

Who needs journalists anymore? Just send in someone from the CIA. :/

Thanks Lee. Great piece. This would certainly explain how the media has been able to push the White Helmets psyop on the American people and lie about the war in Syria, amongst others.

More info here to help your discerning and aware audience see even further through the madness.

Huge Cache of White Helmets Exposed Links All In One Massive Volume For Sharing and Red Pilling - Over 400 Images in 22 Files

Upvoted, Resteeming and sharing at WhiteHelmetsExposed Twitter page.

When are we just going to call it what it is, a giant corporate circle jerk!
With the start of decentrilzation of money with things like bitcoin, or social media with steemit, do you think we will ever see a decentrilzation of democracy?
It would litterally put the power back in peoples hands, and making lobbying and corruption almost none exsistant in my mind. Mind you i think the biggest hurtle will be the believe that everyone else is too stupid for this, but that is largely the fault of the bought and sold propaganda machine we called the media, convincing us we are too stupid and need to be lead by sacks of shit in suits we call politicians.

We use the term "State sponsored" when talking about foreign media, here in the usa state sponsored is the same as corporate sponsored, since we live in a "perfect marriage of corporation and state"

People who still support mainstream media are stuck in some form of Stockholm syndrome, especially people who willfully submit to the whims of the psy-ops branch of the military aka mainstream media.

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Things will be very different.

When the CNN anchors start off every show with a dig at Trump you know something is up. Isn't anything else going on in the world? Anderson Cooper has been a deep state minion for a while, it's time these people get exposed for who they are.

I sure hope poor ole Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt isn't caught up in this :-)

Anderson Cooper looks like a mind controlled Thunderbird

Read: The Protocols of Zion

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind" Jim Morrison

Good ol' Anderson Vanderbilt. ;)

Very nice video. Thank friend for share