10 Ways This Year's Elections Will Be Rigged [VIDEO]

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The 2018 midterms will be rigged in MANY ways and the corporate media will NEVER talk about any of them.
Here's the list - tell me where I'm wrong:

  • Exit polls way off
  • Easily riggable voting machines
  • Machine software kept secret
  • Voter names purged from rolls
  • Voter suppression
  • Interstate crosscheck
  • Gerrymandering
  • Rigged media
  • Which ones have I missed?
    (Click to watch my full segment on this topic)

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As I covered in 2016 and wrote about in my book, the elections in this country are SUPER RIGGED and it's happening out in plain daylight. Great work Lee.

Never put humans in positions of power over other humans.
It's ready made corruption.
Anarchy now!


Yeah, baby! I second that.

Leaving non 2 party candidates off ballots

I'll only vote for the person who has the right to rule over their fellow mam with conscripted force...NOBODY. The state is an immoral force so it's no wonder they turn to fraud in order to keep their "citizens" subjugated. If we keep placing our faith in other people to fix our problems & keep us safe, we'll forever be under someone's boot. End the illegitimate "governments" of the world & witness mankind realize it's full potential.

Good hearing from you Jordan! Welcome to the community.

How about, cut funding to public education. Keep the rabble ignorant.

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Hey, Dude ;

Scary prospects, summed up too concisely for comfort. All the more so because their likelihood seems to be pretty close to certainty.