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What are the best blogging topics?

I am thinking of a good topic to curate since I want to be active again here on the platform and I did a research on the best topics that bloggers and vloggers usually do. These are the ones that mostly creates traffic on posts these are travel, lifestyle, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, technical reviews, food, music sports and a lot more.

One of these is doing a travel blog. Many of us would love to post photos and videos of our latest travel adventure on social media. These photos are the beautiful things and experiences that we want to share the world not just as bloggers or vloggers but also as social media addict.

Majority would definitely love to take photos and videos especially if we are traveling. Showcasing the sumptuous meal that we had or a specialty dish that we have tasted.


We would also love to show the beautiful sceneries that captivated us and share those our photos and videos either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course here on Steemit.


In a way, this is also our way of saying, "Hey, you might want to visit this place and have the same experience that I had."


My own photos taken at Palms and Terraces at Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines

The photos and videos that we have shared on social media are like an advertisement for the place, a free promotion inviting our viewers, family, and friends to try and have that same experience. A way of enticing our social media friends to travel as well.

Our family and friends would often ask for the venue location and the rate. They might want to visit that place and have the same experience. Traveling is one of our stress reliever, our way of pumping up our feel-good endorphins. This creates a positive vibe to ourselves and to our viewers and sharing and posting travel blog radiates positivity and excitement. Many made traveling a hobby, a goal, and absolutely a source of happiness and enjoyment.

Whether these photos are taken locally


My own photo, taken at Anawangin, Zambales, Philippines

Or on the other part of the world


My own photo, taken at Fitzroy Garden, Melbourne Australia

We will definitely share a positive experience with our viewers. We are sharing the same feelings to other people and this is our way of socializing which also enhances our individual experience. It serves as an inspiration and motivation not just to us but also to our friends and family giving them positive vibes imagining ours and their next adventure.

So, have you thought of your next adventure or travel destination after reading this?

Thank you very much for taking time to read my post.

All photos are mine!


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