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Since I came to realize that the world and how it really works is very different from that which the governments and corporate media want us all to believe, I started reading a lot of books and articles and also watching and listening to a lot of videos and podcasts on many different subjects, history, ancient history, politics, government ran psychological operations etc. now I tend to focus more on geopolitics, especially the racist supremacist state of Israel that exists on stolen Palestinian land, as anyone who follows geopolitics should know, Israel is often right at the centre of the problems that are plaguing this world, the foreign policies of many countries, especially America, which is responsible for most of the chaos, destruction and death in the Middle East, it's obvious to people that do the research that the Israel lobby (AIPAC) along with the Neo-Con crazies control the foreign policy, which consists of regime change agendas and agendas to help push for more illegal wars of aggression that are always waged in order to benefit the racist supremacist state and its “Greater Israel” project.

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Anyway, this article is not about foreign policy or Israel, although if you dig deep enough into what this article will be discussing you will inevitably come across Israel's involvement as 9/11 was the catalyst that set of “the war on terror”, more accurately described as the war OF terror.

I would like to emphasise that Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson have not concluded that Israel was involved in the particular aspects on 9/11 that they discuss.

Israel's apparent involvement with 9/11 are just my own conclusions drawn from such events as "the dancing Israelis," (although this could be some sort of distraction, watch 9/11 Alchemy Facing Reality documentary for details) and that Israel seems to have been the main beneficiary of the so called "war on terror".

What I'm talking about here in this article is 9/11 and the thermite/controlled demolition disinformation, and make no mistake about it, that is exactly what it is, disinformation, which people would understand if they not only read Where Did the Towers Go? but also read Andrew Johnson's books, which can be downloaded for free: 9/11 Finding the Truth and 9/11 Holding the Truth, books which prove that the thermite/controlled demolition disinformation and the people spreading such disinformation, whether that be intentional or unintentional is designed to do one thing, distract people away from the EVIDENCE.

There are also many presentations and interviews given by Dr Wood and Andrew Johnson which I would highly recommend people watch and listen to, here are just a few:

9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood

Judy Wood in Toronto (9-11-2016)

A Face to Face Interview with Dr Judy Wood - 24 Aug 2017

Once people have read Where Did the Towers Go?, 9/11 Finding the Truth and 9/11 Holding the Truth I would then recommend watching this brilliant documentary by Wolf Clan Media which will help you better understand the technology which was used that day and also the people and companies behind such technology.

9/11 Alchemy - Facing Reality (Full Documentary)

In her book, Where Did the Towers Go? Dr Judy Wood shows, among the mountain of EVIDENCE that the buildings were not brought down by controlled demolition or the laughable official conspiracy theory of terrorists with planes and jet fuel fires, in amongst the vast amount of EVIDENCE presented by Dr Wood, here is just one piece that should be more than enough proof to those people who believe in the thermite/controlled demolition disinformation that there is something else going on, something much, much bigger is being covered up, and that one piece of evidence I'm highlighting here is the over 700ft high, steel columns being turned to dust in mid air, in front of our eyes, it does not topple over and there is not a 700ft deep hole in the ground that swallowed it up, when those people who push the controlled demolition/thermite disinformation can explain what type of bombs turn things to dust in front of our eyes without any explosions taking place, anything hitting the steel columns or even any significant seismic activity taking place, then, just maybe, they may be worth listening to, but until then you may as well be listening to some government stooge talking about planes, terrorists and jet fuel fires, because both explanations are nothing but lies.


It is also interesting to note that people who push the controlled demolition narrative have always failed to answer any questions when confronted with EVIDENCE provided by Dr Wood, all they seem to do is exactly what the corporate media and war criminal governments do when confronted about their lies, attack the person and call them names, such as conspiracy theorist, disinfo shill etc. or they just ignore the questions put to them, always failing to address the EVIDENCE, now why might that be, curious isn't it?

Here is Dr Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez (a medical student at the time) confronting the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Richard Gage, who heavily promotes the thermite/controlled demolition disinformation:

”Listen to Richard Gage admit that he, an architect, has never studied the very important NYC seismographic data, and that thermite does not explain all of the evidence from 9/11 (Part 2). It's absolutely mind-blowing to think about how many well-intended people are still fooled by this man's unscientific claims...”

Richard Gage Questioned at AE911Truth Presentation (4/12/2011) by Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez (Part 1/2)

Richard Gage Questioned at AE911Truth Presentation (4/12/2011) by Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez (Part 2/2)

And here is an excellent article written by Dr Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez:

9/11 & Directed Energy Technology

”This is one of the most important scientific discoveries since the nuclear fission technology that was used to create the atomic bomb. It is an irrefutable fact that directed energy technology was used to transform the WTC buildings to fine dust in midair on 9/11/2001. This inescapable conclusion is revealed by the large body of empirical evidence from 9/11, and is overwhelmingly proven beyond any reasonable doubt. I have already contacted numerous law enforcement agencies and government officials about this matter, including the FBI, branches of the military, my local sheriffs department, and several congressional representatives.”

Here is a short clip taken from a presentation given by Andrew Johnson which contains important information regarding Dr Steven "thErmite" Jones:

Dr Steven "thErmite" Jones

Quote from 9/11 Finding the Truth

"An item of particular interest to me which has received no mainstream and little if any alternative media coverage (such as on, is contained in portions of a discussion that took place at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference on June 24, 2007. This bizarre discussion was between Brigham Young University (BYU) Physics Professor, Steven E Jones and Dr. William Deagle. In it, Dr. Deagle stated that “22 US cities have been pre-wired with nukes.” They were also discussing the possibility of “another 9/11 type attack” and, Prof. Jones was heard to say (about 30 minutes into the discussion – see Chapter 6):"

“One other exercise is that we have learned that with evidence we can learn a great deal so if there is an event and - we won’t even name a city - lets just say an American city - blamed on Iran, certainly there will be 9/11 truthers nearby and I hope they realize the importance of collecting a sample [right] whether that’s dust … [also radiation] right - having a radiation detector handy if you’ve got one – whether it’s Geiger - if you send me a sample I’d be glad to look at it and I’m sure you would too, Bill . So, if there is such an event the point – the reason I’m emphasizing this is because it’s a bit of a warning if there are perpetrators thinking about – such another 9/11 they’d better think twice because 9/11 truthers are out there – we’re watching. We will get samples – we know what to do – evidence-based studies – we can do very quickly and we can put an end to lies - on the next 9/11 if it [inaudible] … which I hope we’ll avoid…"

"These really are extraordinary statements to come from two supposedly well-qualified scientists."

A clip taken from one of Richard D Hall's interviews with Dr Wood:

For Those Who Question

Here is part 3 and part 5 of articles written by Prof Eric Larsen:

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part III

This unique and extraordinary book... not one scientific fact of the many in it has been challenged, denied, or refuted. The reason for this impermeability to scientific attack is simple: The science in the book, a fact clear to all who read it, is irrefutable.”

Dr. Judy Wood and the future of the earth: Part Five—Conclusion

”The ganging up on Dr. Judy Wood, the programmatic ignoring of her work—by Michel Chossudovsky and Paul Craig Roberts, for two especially prominent examples—the smearing, distorting, and misrepresenting of it (a way to begin catching up on the veritable mountains of this kind of thing is by perusing Jim Fetzer’s “Judy Wood and DEWs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and then following up from there), all of these seem to me the result of abuses of logic, although whether these abuses are deliberate or not is much more difficult to say. In any case, abuses that are intended to suppress or discredit the work of Dr. Wood, or abuses that have the effect of suppressing or discrediting her work, are extraordinarily and massively destructive, absolutely so in the eyes of anyone who yearns to bring a stop to the on-going ruin of our nation—and our world—that began with the excuse of 9/11, that was catalyzed by it, and that has not slowed down since.”

Here is an article written by Dr Morgan Reynolds:

Collapse of the Thermite Thesis (with Addendum)

”And the same can be said of Jones’ thermite myth. Thermite is also a diversion, stalling and playing out the clock for the perps. Thermite is used in welding. It does not turn a building to powder in mid air. The thermite myth promoted by Jones leads to the question, “Can a nuclear physicist, PhD-educated, be this retarded?””

Here is a small clip taken from Dr Wood, Prof Larsen and Dr Reynolds discussing the EVIDENCE of what happened on 9/11 and the coverup of the evidence:

Panem et Circensis

And here is information on the court case that was brought against government contractors by Dr Wood:

Court Case (Qui Tam)

”Dr Judy Wood is the only person who has tried to hold a US Government Agency to account regarding the false explanation it promulgated for the destruction of the WTC. Dr Wood didn’t “call for a new investigation.” She did the investigation herself, then used the evidence in a court case against fraudulent government contractors.”

Here is just a tiny part of the mountain of evidence provided in Where Did the Towers Go? that really should have people asking questions, not only of the official narrative but also of the controlled demolition/thermite narrative as well:


Another very good article by Dr Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez that poses some very important questions:

9/11 Challenge: Explain the Evidence

"The extraordinary claim that explosives and/or jet fuel are what destroyed the towers on 9/11 is scientifically inaccurate. It is comparable to charging a murder suspect for 'stabbing the victim with a knife', despite the fact that numerous bullet casings had been found at the crime scene and the murder victim actually had multiple gunshot wounds."

"Why are groups like AE911Truth and PilotsFor911Truth just now claiming to be “pursuing a new 9/11 investigation” when Dr. Judy Wood has already filed many legal cases to pursue such an investigation, one which was successfully appealed to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court in October 2009?"

"Why did Dr. Jones ban Dr. Wood from his ‘Scholars for 9/11 Truth’ group long ago, just because they had different conclusions about what destroyed the towers? Shouldn’t Dr. Jones and his ‘Scholars for 9/11 Truth’ group be supporting the 9/11 investigation that Dr. Judy Wood has already demanded with her legal cases, even if he does not agree with her conclusions?"

To finish the article I will leave you with this quote from Dr Wood:

“If you listen to the evidence carefully enough, it will speak to you and tell you exactly what happened. If you don't know what happened, keep listening until you do. The evidence always tells the truth. The key is not to allow yourself to be distracted away from seeing what the evidence is telling you.”

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