The importance of saying "Thanks"

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In life, we have a lot of opportunities to say the word "Thanks". Many people use this word a lot. However, there are people who don't use this word enough. Today, we are going to talk about the meaning of saying the word "Thanks".

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First and foremost, we have to understand that the word "Thanks" has a deep meaning to many people. When you say to someone who helped you "Thanks" it can have a huge impact on that person's feelings. It can actually make his/her day look way better. This not must be someone who helped you to complete something, it can also be someone who served you (like a waiter).

An example of it can be a friend of yours who gives up on his/her time and stuff in order to help you to do something (like finding something you lost). It means that this person has good intentions. If you show your appreciation at the end of that situation by saying "Thanks", that person will feel way better than he/she would have felt without helping you at all.

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People like to receive appreciation from other people so it will be awesome to show them yours by saying "Thanks"!

Secondly, not saying "Thanks" to people can make actually make them be angry.
Imagine that situation: You help a person with something he/she need and after you finish helping that person doesn't show you any appreciation for what you have done. It can be really annoying, isn't it?

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That is basically because when we help others and don't receive any appreciation for our work, we will feel like suckers. We will not want to help that person again and even to others in the future.

To conclude

Saying "Thanks" is a way to show appreciation. Everyone likes to see appreciation from other people after helping/serving them. That is why I strongly believe that everybody should use that word when necessary and it will make both sides feel awesome and will encourage everyone to help each other again!


Being grateful and expressing gratitude to the people is indeed one of the best and effective communication to everybody; since most people are emotions driven person, so it is very important to express an emotional words as simple as "thank you".

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thanks for this great post

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I think and hope I say thanks for everything and to everyone.
EXAMPLE--> Thanks for posting and reminding us to say a simple "thanks"

Hahaha, nope. Thanks for reading, @robbieretard

The word thank you is very familiar to us because we are very happy with the use of this sentence.

Great post with an important message! Saying thank you seems to be quite simple, but we defintely don't do it often enough.

Thank you for the reminder :-)
Loved and resteemed

This is right, words have strong meaning. Thanks for your amazing comment, @surfermarly!

What an excellent contribution friend helped me a lot. continue like this thank you

thank you for this post

Thank you so much for your awesome support, @yefersonescalona!

is excellent this post, thanks you for that

Yeah that's true.
Thanks comes from a grateful heart
Nice post @lazariko

Thank you so much, @edifon!

The word "Thank You" serves as a catalyst in society, nothing is worth it and in turn can bring a lot of good into the relationship with others. With the help of gratitude, we recognize the success of a person, let him understand that the achieved result is not taken for granted. Words of gratitude express our respect for the person that is especially important in the relations between people.

I agree with it, @aydogdy. Thank you so much for your meaningful comment :)

Thank you for letting us know about the importance of saying "Thank you".

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post, @mgibson. Thanks a lot!

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Just two words that can change every situation from negative to positive. Show how polite you are and make others feel more respected.
Enjoy your Weekend :)

Most people do not like saying thank you but me thank you for this post

Hahaha, I appreciate it a lot!

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Indeed, the words "thank you" can make so much in someone's self-esteem! Is not hard to do it and you feel even happy when you do it! People that don't do it to others are kind of suspicious. Thank you too for your post!

I really appreciate your support, @cuckooparrot.

You welcome! :)

Thanks you to shearing

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The gratitude is the memory of the heart. It can be taught to say thanks, but not to be grateful. There is no more necessary duty than that of giving thanks.

That is right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @adrianav!

Very good explains I love your thoghts

Thank you very much!

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There is so much power in words. For your post I would like to say thank you @lazariko12!!

I appreciate it a lot, @kofibeatz!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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That's right ;)

Rarely we say thank you to all the people who help us in some ways. A wonderful post and it reminds us that we should be thankul enough for the help we receive no matter how small.

Let us be thankful to our families and friends as well for being with us through thick and thin. Most especially let us thank our Lord God for all the blessings we receive everyday.


Developing a thankful attitude is really important, so also is expressing it. Most times we forget how important this is. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing topics @lazariko12, thanks for reminding your readers to keep this words close to our hearts. Gobless