Myth OR Fact: Love & Money Have A Connection

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The question whether love and money have a connection has been well discussed over the past few years. Some people claim that love and money, both have a clear connection while others think that there is not any connection at all. I strongly believe that love and money do have a connection!

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Money attracts people. Whether you are a man or woman. You can not ignore the fact that money attracts people. This exists in our nature; Something worthy will gather a lot of attention. If someone is successful and has a lot of money, many people will become attracted to that person, but what they don't know is that the thing that they are being attracted to is the money and not the person who holds that money.

Recent studies of 2018 have shown that there is a connection between people who find love to the amount of money they have.

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Money gives you self-confidence. Everybody imagines that amazing feeling: You have a lot of money, you are a successful man/woman, and you have so much self-confidence because of your success. You feel like you are able to do anything in this world and you are sure in your abilities. Therefore, people will become attracted to you.

It is a known fact that girls are being attracted to men with high self-confidence. That's why we can claim that there is a great connection between love and money.

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To conclude

Money gives people power in this world. Many people are being attracted to power which includes high self-confidence, being famous, etc. Therefore I think that there is a clear connection between love and money.

I believe that if a guy is a successful businessman who has a lot of money, he has better chances to find his love somewhere in this world.



Interesting .. The secret is in self-confidence
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for your support, @silmanepro!

Depends on what point you see, as you say if it is normal that one is attracted to people with money or power, be as many men as women, we do it unconsciously, this is in our nature, then in that case if there is connection.

Now, if it is in an environment of friends, family, relationship or something like that, it is not always so good connection because money usually brings problems in friendships, relationships and friends.

Very good post friend

I agree with your point of view

really your opinion @lazariko12 it is not wrong anymore like a brave iron

Absolutely correct

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They are absolutely connected and you explained it beautifully. Thank you. Up voted

Thank you so much, @big.ock!

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