Donate For Help My Friend Suffering From Blood Cancer 100,000$ Donation Required

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Patient Name: Tahseen Dilbar.

He is my friend, my brother and everything. He was Quite rich but now became zero due to his severe illness / blood cancer. His HB drop from 14 to 5 And His blood change 4 time in last 6 months First He Got fistula and Operated by surgeons and Due to Excessive bleeding Dr,s Use extra blood to him and after some months sudden He Feel dizzy ,Shaky Gone faint ,He Admit to the hospital many time and Drs did not know that he has blood cancer ,he was very sick and ill after reports from Local Hospital he found that he has blood cancer and And his bone marrow should be transplanted As soon as possible ,we are trying to collect money for him.

If you / anyone can help him financially by any means then Donete Steem /SBD to my account or Upvote and Resteem This post as much as you can.
Kindly pray for him too and Donate ,Upvote ,Resteem Make this post viral so Community of steemit get to know this case.
Total He Need 100,000$ for bone marrow transplant
Your help may save father of 3 innocent kids.



أتمنى له الشفاء العاجل ان شاء الله

You're doing a great thing! Hope he will get better soon 💛 However it's crazy that health care abroad costs so much money. Here in Sweden it's technically free. We never have to worry about getting sick because our health care system pretty much pays for everything. Well, I guess it's because of all the taxes we pay... HUGS 💛

@sandrastarud surprise to know about sweden unfortunately in asian countries we pay taxes but Government never care about health and carrier of their peopless

i also want to help him i write a post for him you can check it if you help him it must be appriciated!

This is sad news.I pray for.
upvote and resteemit has been done

Excelente iniciativa, apenas comienzo por acá pero mis mejores deseos para tu gran amigo.


upvote and resteemit done..

@lays i do not have any SBD. I just joined the platform. I really feel for him and my prayers are with him. He will be fine and hel will come for him i pray.

I will Pray for him
In sha Allah
May Allah SWT give him good health.

blessings to you

Earing from this post will be donated to patient and i urge please resteem and upvotes as much as you can because drops makes the river

There are many posts that reach $1000 , i hope this one reaches too . upvoted , resteemed .

If one of your friends has cancer, you may be wondering the best way to support him or her. Even though you want to help, it can be hard ... Learning that a friend has cancer can be difficult news to hear. Take time to acknowledge and cope with your friend ... to help show your care and support: I'm sorry this has happened to you @lays, i'll see if i can send you some sbd to help him recover like on sunday,,so sad

I have upvoted this post. This is the least i could do. I hope he finds help.

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You were lucky! Your post was selected for an upvote!
Read about that initiative

I know how tough it can be.. I work in a cancer hospital and I see patients struggling everyday... I wish you guys the best of luck on this journey and am happy to see you doing such good for your friend. Keep it up, and the light at the end of the tunnel is near my friend.. regards from @conradsuperb

Hopefully he gets better brother!

All the best for a positive outcome!

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Upvoted! Godbless ❤

I want to help him. I volunteer Red Cross. I in 2004 to help the tsunami victims of Aceh. I always blood donors every four months on a regular basis

How noble of you too. I was a volunteer of Red Cross but since I was petite, my late dad don't allow me to. haha. ANyhow, I am into in health and wellness company, I love our mission in helping people live better lives in maintaining good health and building great wealth. HOpe to hear from you soon. :)

I really hope you are able to raise enough for a bmt
Best of luck and prayers

he will be fine... for sure

have no much vote power but voted with 100% and restemed

My vote is for this guy .

upvote and resteem
Allah sehat ata farmain

May Allah give him good health.
Upvoted, Resteemed.
I'll send you SBD for him.

Mere dua hai Allah Pak app ka dost ki beemari se shifa aata fermaye aur unhe sehat bhari lambi umer dee...

I feel sorry for him ...have faith in god ,he has plan for all of us...:)hope the small amnt of my upvote will help..

How did his blood change four times? Is his kidney failing, why a fistula?I pray for wellness, healing, and for blood not to change a fifth time.

In my view due to fistula surgery and infection this is happen

Hello. I am sorry to hear about this. However, have they ever tried for alternative medicine like holistic approach? I truly believe that nutrition can reverse all kinds of dreaded diseases. Please reply this message ASAP so I could send you more info about it. I am working closely with a holistic naturopathy doctor. Thank you.

Get well soon....

Sending good vibrations

this is really a very noble act, helping fellow human beings,

Oh God this so sad. I wish I can give him more than $100,000 but I don't have that much. I wish him speedy recovery and the best of luck.

Upvot and resteem done.
May ALLAH PAK Give him good health. AMEEN

let's friends all over the world let the same we alleviate the burden of our friend so that he is free from the disease that is suffered, a little help we can lighten the burden of his family hopefully with sincerity we can alleviate everything. Only God will repay all our good in this world .

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Please Upvote, me upvote back<<
Wassalam 👏👌

Wishing u quick recovery, The mighty God will bless you broda.

i pray to god for you D:@lays

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