What are the ways to know yourself and realize your potential

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"Mirror, mirror, tell me if there is anyone more beautiful than me anywhere in this world?" says the narrator. It is this comment, made by the evil queen as she is looking in the mirror, that is one of the most memorable stories from the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She doesn't want others to think she's more beautiful than she actually is, so she asks herself this question every day in front of the mirror before getting dressed. What if we all had a mirror that told us everything about ourselves, including who we are, what we're excellent at and where we could improve? Wouldn't life be a whole lot simpler?


Everyone struggles to be themselves in the face of social expectations, jobs that we must complete even if we do not want to perform them, and roles that others give to us. We fight, perhaps for the rest of our lives, to become conscious of our inner selves and discover our life's purpose.

A life in which we can pursue our hobbies, work in occupations that are a good match for our skills and personalities, and make the most of our limited time is something that everyone desires. However, if we do not know what we are looking for, we will not be able to see it even if it comes across our path. It is necessary for people to begin on a journey of self-discovery if they are to completely appreciate every moment of life, to learn from their mistakes, to appreciate beauty, and to go beyond a clear grasp of their life purpose.

Even if it's wonderful to be yourself, do you truly understand who you are? Being aware of one's inner self might open the door to a multitude of options, but who is it that lives within you? If you're like most people, your greatest hope for the future is to live a happy life. But what exactly does happiness look like?

In the event that you are having difficulty answering these questions, it may be time to begin on a journey of self-discovery to learn more about who you are and who you wish to become. For the majority of us, going on a journey of self-discovery, which is fraught with uncertainty, is a daunting experience. This is due to the fact that the process of self-discovery enables us to unearth our capabilities, competencies and interests as well as our chosen personality traits; it is also a process that shows our dark sides, faults and inadequacies that we conceal in our daily lives.

When it comes to realising one's own potential, finding techniques to build inner wisdom that can assist in living a "genuine" life is critical. Thus, you are the sole determiner of what it means to be self-actualized in your own eyes and mind. A deep understanding of who we are now and the ability to add to what they have by making the best use of all available resources are the two most important prerequisites for realising our relative "potential."


Personality traits, creative ability, and free will are all factors that contribute to the development of this potential, which is referred to in psychology as the self or psyche and which defines each individual.

With another way of putting it, just as it is necessary to be aware of the ingredients we have on hand and the flavours that can emerge when they are combined, as well as the method of cooking and the amount of ingredients to use in order to prepare a good meal, we must first be aware of our personality traits, skills, competencies, expectations, passions, likes and dislikes, as well as the relationships we form with others, in order to fully realise ourselves and achieve our ideal selves. We must also evaluate ourselves and our possessions, in other words, who we are and what we have. And we have to make a decision.


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