Presence Of Mind

in life •  2 years ago 

One should not get apathetic with the past, also should not get enthusiastic with the futuristic dreams.


Present is the truth!

One's focus should be on present.

But how ?

It is honestly easy to talk about present or future but sometimes we can not even compromise with our present complications that we are dealing with, appears to be an unplanned, unsatisfied future.

We are wriggling in our present.
Days and nights we are wriggling with 'fear' like a slave and hit ourselves with questions. Like, "am i going to stuck here for my whole life?"

Taking motivation from your past and being wakeful we can build our present, and future will naturally improve.
Fear not, for the present obstrucles
Courage is not in the absence of fear, courage is in dealing with it.

Yet, it is an another fact for life, Fear is not the failure

Face it wise!

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Maybe you are right, Thanks, it made me think of something.

I am greatful

Nice one ...just keep it up

Thankx bro!! i never thought you would reply. I'm greatful