About life #7: We all have that one friend who is always busy

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We all know it – no one is so busy that cannot find an hour or two in a month to meet with us. Let's be honest. We are just not on their priority list. And that kind of people should not be our friends.

My dear mentor and life coach once said to me: How much you will change I will see by the people around you. Do you still have the same friends or have you moved on and make a space for new people to come into your life? And I did it.  

It hurt me to let go of the people which I loved very much. Some of them I knew from my childhood. With some I was friend for more than 20 years. But they were poisoning my heart. They weren't happy with or for me, they were complaining all the time, they were full of negative thoughts, they weren’t supporting my dreams and ideas. So, I decided – I don’t want that kind of people in my life. 

How do you know when it’s time to let go of people? 

I always ask one simple question – how do you feel after you finish speaking with that one person? If the answer is GOOD, full of energy, happiness and peace, then you should keep this person in your life. If on the other hand, you are feeling BAD, without energy, with headache or sleepy, I would suggest you to get rid of that person. No matter how important she/he is. It will hurt, yes. But you will see the difference in your life when nobody will drag you down. 

We don’t need 100 friends. 

The only thing that we need is a good connection with the source. Everything else will follow. Maybe it’s hard to understand, but if we look from a higher perspective – the most important thing is to be a good friend to ourselves. When we love ourselves unconditionally, people around you will love us in the same, unconditional way. It’s SIMPLE like that. It’s universal truth. 

If we are turning a cycle of HAPPINES only happy people will jump on that cycle. And if we are grumpy and complaining all the time – that kind of people will join us on our journey. So let's take a good look in ourselves and  people around us - are they supportive, kind and loving or they are taking life energy from us? 

Let's make a clean cut.  Let only the best ones stay. We deserve it.  

Love, Sabina     

Photo credit:  https://shril-sy.info/page/l/lonely-person-wallpaper-girl.html 

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