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I make a return of experiences of all that I could learn so far in the crypto. I think it will be useful for those who start like me. Of course I do not know everything, this and therefore just my personal opinion;

I discovered cryptomony, early 2017 thanks to a friend who made a nice profit on bitcoin.
Whether you like it or not, the crypto universe is war!

If you go naively telling yourself that you are going to buy crypto currency on this platform or whatever and that in 10 days you will be a millionaire, you have not understood!
Crypto trading has no rules, no protection, is extremely volatile.
You invest 1000 €, 24h later is 10000 €, you go to bed and it became 100 €.
The first thing to do is to prepare yourself well and to inform you!
Look at this article that I wrote very useful to the new ones:

Where to inquire:
Cryptonews: site in English that gives good information on the prices of all cryptos and especially which gives indications on the ICOs and their launch date. An ICO for simplicity is a kind of crownfunding that gives you tokens of the company in which you invest. The advantage is that they give you a bonus or a lower rate than the market.

Telegram: Speaking of ICO if you want the latest information on ICOS. subscribe to the one you are interested in on Telegram

Reddit: You must also subscribe to reddit to get the latest information on your altcoins. For example, I learned on reddit that altcoin KIN was going to change blockchain in April. This allowed me to avoid buying for nothing. Same, to contact Kraken customer service. I was able to validate my account in 24H through a post on the reddit Kraken while I waited for 2 weeks!

Coinmarketcap: this site will be the site where you will go most often! It lists all the altcoins and allows you to follow their evolution. The application is on my phone. Two very useful things: click on the corner that interests you and "Markets" to see all trading platforms that sell the altcoin.
Very useful if like me invest in altcoins you are very interested.

Twitter: subscribe to the one that interests you on Twitter.

Steemit !

Exchange platforms:
So first of all, you will have to register not to a platform but to several!
Why ?
Because if like me you invest in altcoins,
some are only present on certain platforms. In addition, some do not allow you to make deposits in Fiat.
Personally, I use Kraken or coinbase for my filings in fiat (euros), I exchange in litecoin and I send on other platforms. Here is the list of what I use:
Coinbase / Gdax: the most popular platform. Maybe a bit too much because they are no longer able to execute transactions in a timely manner.

Kraken: popular too, the fees are not very high. My fiat deposits put 24H, I can trade some altcoins on. Disadvantage is that the servers are often congested and it becomes difficult to execute an order.

Cryptopia: platform that I like most. Many altcoins at the lowest prices.

Hitbtc : platform quite unstable.

Binance: the best platforms that has a lot of altcoin and one of the most stable. Pay attention to the costs!

There are also: yobit, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Bittrex ....
Some have blocked the registration of new users so I'm not on it yet.

The transfers :

The first transfer I made was from gdax to Binance in ether, it took 6 hours.
With Gdax, I did not have to pay any fees but the price of the Ripple had risen to $ 2 by the time my transfer arrived.

Beginners error ... For that now I use Litecoin,
transfers between platforms are much cheaper and they arrive in 10 minutes.
The difficulty is to calculate the conversion well.

For example, I exchange my euros on Kraken for Litecoins. I send these Litecoins on Binance.
Problem is that on Binance, I can not buy in Litecoin so I trade in Ether. To finally buy steem.

I can assure you that it's very easy to lose 20% in all these conversions.
So calculate the conversions before starting your transfers!

And beware of the transfer in Bitcoin !!!!!
They are excessively expensive compared to other types!

blockfolio and wallet:

As you can guess by following the course of so many altcoins purchased on several different platforms is simply impossible if I did not have a good app for that: Blockfolio
(download on your store)

Blockfolio allows me to put the amount of crypto I bought on which platform and calculate any gains or losses that I could make.

This app is just essential!

You can measure alerts if the price drops or increases; very useful for the indicator!
Finally, the portfolios.
Personally I use the Ledger Nano S. (same as French president!)


I will finish on the faucets that I already have on my blog:

I am mainly on Coinpot because it is the least boring to use. I'm still far from winning anything but it's free. not complicated. Then, I think in a few months, I might have something to share.
That's it, it was my feedback, if you also have tips and tricks to give on the crypto universe, I'm a taker!

The Zen-Artist!



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I like your work dear
You and analyst @salahuddin2004 are two top analysts of cryptoworld.
His prediction success rate 99%
you both are great for steem community