You Can Buy African Children on Taobao (Chinese Ebay)

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Taobao is Chinas Ebay. Or Chinese Amazon. No matter what you call it, Taobao and Alibaba are the kings of the Chinese internet shopping world, and you can get everything from electronics, to cheap toys, to cars, and even... yes you read it correctly, the services of people in Africa. The newest trend on the Chinese internet is to hire children, or armies in Africa to wish your loved ones a happy birthday, express your love, or even propose to your boyfriend/girlfriend. The costs are low, but the real question is, are the cunning businessmen on Taobao that are making this happen actually paying the people involved? We also search Taobao for the weirdest items we can find, like a fart in a bottle, and a dead mosquito.

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Killer video man. I like the format here, it's crazy the things you find about these Chinese sites.