What is Truth?

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How can we consciously choose our belief systems in order to create our reality freely?

It is only natural that “information warfare” should peak in the age of information, though this is a battle that has been happening as long as we can remember. What you, the reader, chooses to believe is such a valuable commodity that everyone and their brother is fighting tooth and nail for it these days.

This is because ultimately what you believe in will be true for you– and in a parallel sense what the masses believe in will be true for humanity-for better or for worse. While some may just be seeking agreement among others, there are psychological masters that understand the constructive power of human thought and realize that belief systems are naturally the center staple of our destiny. Through belief systems we can either be controlled or set free.

We have been programmed to believe that we live in a physical world where one truth and one truth alone can be so-and that everyone must align with it, or be wrong. This would mean that if someone has different beliefs about something than you- surely one of you must be wrong and one of you must be right. However, I’d like to invite you to ponder a new way of looking at truths from a more esoteric or “quantum” level. This knowledge has been quite a game changer in my life- in how I experience the world I live in as well as my relationship with myself and others. This knowledge asks you to go beyond duality of right or wrong, black and white, and realize the complexity and creativity that exists within our beautiful universe.

There’s a war in the mind over dominion- who will dominate the opinions?”
-Ms Lauryn Hill

The Quantum Field

As human beings, we are consciousness standing in a third-dimensional field we call the physical world. We are multi-dimensional, meaning we are simultaneously present in higher non-physical dimensions as well (whether we are conscious of it or not). These dimensions are all connected and superimposed on each other, though their “laws” are very different. While the lower dimensions are more solid and dense, the higher ones are more fluid and light.

That being said, we are always surrounded by an electromagnetic field of energy containing infinite information about ourselves and the universe we live in. Memories, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, dreams, are among some of the data that is stored in these fields (which can be scientifically measured).

Without exception, our beliefs will shape and mold our experience of our reality. There is a very computer-like aspect of the mind-body that accepts programming either consciously from the will or subconsciously from the environment of the individual. This is why unhealed trauma can lead us to unconsciously sabotage ourselves again and again, or why meditation and spiritual concentration can begin to instill new “programs” to allow us to align with success without even having to put much physical effort forth.

That said, we are all ultimately standing in, for lack of better words, the “quantum field“: an energetic arena of consciousness that contains every and all possibilities and timelines. What we tune in via our focus and beliefs will come to unfold as our “truth” and our “reality”. In the field of infinite creative potential we may manifest anything- it is possible to create our most dreaded nightmares OR our most heartfelt dreams in our reality with a little understanding of how our consciousness constructs our “truths” into reality. As we navigate our truths we unfold our story of this life which is unique to every individual.

Finding Your Truth

So what is a “truth”? I would define it as a strong belief structure within the mind-body. Ideally, it is a thought form that brings understanding, clarity, and alignment within the self. There are “hard” truths in this life as well, that may bring immediate consequences of realization and responsibility but ultimately allow us to be more free. There are also more negative “truths” that just bring fear, powerlessness, and hate. The common denominator is that any “truth” you hold will manifest in your physical reality.

To find our own “truths” we must be in touch with our selves- our thoughts, our emotions, or beliefs, and also have an awareness of the information that surrounds us in our environment that creates such distinct “truths” in our consciousness. It is well enough to know what you consciously believe in but it is also very important to notice what you subconsciously believe- which very well may conflict with your own will. The most effective tool we have above all in finding our truths is our internal guidance system of discernment.

I have come to find that a very deep and unconscious dogma many of us have had programmed into us from the external world is that the physical happening of what appears to be so must specifically determine your and everyone’s “truth”, suggesting our personal realities are subject completely to the environment we live in. Materialists have ways of measuring and studying energy in a way to try to understand such truths. The problem with this paradigm is that it is backwards- truths come from within, not from without. In other words, your personal reality manifests from your consciousness, your consciousness doesn’t manifest from your personal reality. The physical world is a projected hologram which is actually the result of such consciousness. And so trying to find truth outside of yourself first is indeed backwards and subjects one to merely projecting their own unconscious biases upon their reality without realizing it (projection), which in this day and age tend to bring more fear than peace. This produces a mentality that we are all merely victims to whatever our environment throws at us- a very dangerous belief system indeed as it gives us little free-will to believe in and hence create what we truly want. Of course, if we choose the victim mentality as our truth- it will indeed be true for us, and those who subscribe to such ideas will inevitably be like automatons- like helpless corks floating in the surface of water subject to whatever the conditions may bring. However, if we choose to start taking responsibility for our “truths” and choosing beliefs that empower us, instead of choosing to be victims of our circumstance, we become creators of our destiny.

The Emotional Guidance System

As I said, to find your truth you have to get in touch with your internal guidance system. We are all blessed with the gift to discern, and it is actually quite easier than one may think. Everything is vibration/frequency. Discernment is a matter of what “resonates” with you, and what does not “resonate” with you. In other words, what FEELS right and what FEELS wrong. What is aligned with your current “Now” moment (which will feel like joy, love, connection) and what is not aligned with your “Now” moment (which will feel like fear, separation, and helplessness). It is also worth mentioning then that inevitably, what “resonates” with one may not “resonate” with another, for many reasons, and there is nothing wrong with that- for we are all here for a different experience alike and it is not at all necessary that one should be forced to conform their truth to another’s truth. Based off where you are currently resonating vibrationally in your now moment will determine your truth/belief. And the belief of another won’t effect your reality unless you allow it to by believing/fearing it. There is no need to fear a contrasting belief when you know your own power of discernment and creativity.

A great example would be food. While the mainstream has taken to indoctrinating the world to believe there msut be but one superior diet for all, but one way of measuring the energy food will give you, etc., the truth is that it actually entirely depends on the individual, their beliefs/truths, and where they are resonating in their “now”- which is also impermanent and destined to fluctuate as they evolve and experience life. One may find they are attracted only to green, fresh veggies and that eating animals is immoral and makes them feel horrible- and it is true for them. They are nourished then by a vegetarian or vegan diet and if they were to eat the flesh of animals they would likely become depressed and lethargic. There is guilt associated with meat and so it does not resonate or feel good at all and shouldn’t be consumed then. On the other hand, another individual may find that their bodies crave meat and run most efficiently off of a carnivore diet and they believe that the eating of animals is moral and natural- in their case a vegan diet simply wouldn’t suffice and eating animals will nourish them. Neither one is objectively “right” or “wrong”. The reader may find their own biases in this case- but even then that is THEIR truth-it would be wise to personally align with it, but it would be foolish to expect everyone else to align with it, or worse to seperate yourself from those who resonate differently. Everything we experience is the result of our own consciousness. Food is a great example because oddly enough, humans have a great deal of trauma associated with the foods we eat and it is these fears that cause more harm to our bodies than the actual food itself. If we feel guilty for eating, it will not nourish or digest the way it would if we felt wholly grateful for eating.

One who understands these principles will use their emotional guidance system every time they read or hear a piece of information, every time they observe a thought, every time they make a decision, and so on. The more you practice the easier it gets to discern between what resonates with you, and what doesn’t resonate with you, and to be secure in your truth and allow others to hold their truths in harmony.

Creating Our Reality Through Our Truths

One of the most powerful revelations I’ve ever had was that we actually CHOOSE what we want to believe. We are not victims. This means when you receive any information- whether it be an external source on social media or an internal source of a thought you have- you do not just have to accept it as truth or reality. It is actually entirely your choice to decide if you want that to be your truth or not, and to further experience the consequences of that truth.

The easiest way to discern is- does this “truth” insult me and make me feel weak and scared? Or does this truth empower me and make me feel connected and inspired? Do I feel fear or love from this truth? Feel it, discern, and then decide if you want to believe in it.

The more you begin to observe information and discern it in this way, the more you can choose to feed the truths that empower you and let go of those truths that insult your soul. We have been programmed to unconsciously believe in and focus on everything we see… namely, on our fears, resentments, and nightmares-which creates exactly that in your experience! On a collective level, we create a shadowy world of desperation when we believe in our fears about each other. A vicious cycle worth breaking.

For if you make it a habit to choose to hold the truth that resonates with your soul and inspires hope, courage, and love, you open up the gates to allow these qualities to take form in your physical reality. And it is this principle on a collective level that changes the whole world as we know it. It influences humanity as a whole to start to raise its vibration and consciously hold on to these higher empowering truths rather than being manipulated to hold on to victimizing truths, often without even consciously realizing what we’re doing… manifesting more and more victims of this planet.

This means every time a shadow (a “truth” that incites fear) comes to the surface of your consciousness- and surely it will because there is still enough “contrast” in this world to go around- instead of allowing it to take you to its level of insecurity and fear, you can shine the light upon it by recognizing it is simply information– and you can choose otherwise. You are the creator of your destiny. And it is actually this “contrast” of realizing what you DON’T want and DON’T resonate with that helps you to refine your vision of what you DO want and DO resonate with. How do you know how much you DO want strength if you don’t know how much you DON’T want weakness?

Harmonizing with Others

The point I’d like to end on is that we are all worthy and capable of our own truths. Humanity is indeed raising its vibration which means the love within these collective paradigms is steadily rising and making way for higher possibilities for our entire race. Nonetheless, as we navigate this third dimensional arena- the more we divide ourselves because of differing “truths” the weaker we become. This is because humanity is very connected energetically and we are not actually separate from anyone or anything- we are all one in the quantum field. And so when we cast judgement or hatred upon another truth, it is inevitable that we cast judgement and hatred upon ourselves. No matter how justified it may seem to the ego- this kind of projection can be very tricky. It is very empowering to take responsibility then for your feelings and remind yourself no one else can actually break your stride except for yourself. There’s no need to hate or fear lower dimensional truths when you are secure in your ability to create your destiny. This is the trick of not getting sucked into the illusion that so many esoteric traditions have warned us of for millenia.

The collective is shifting like never before and the current events unfolding are only bound to get crazier and more intense- bringing out this paradigm of duality even more fiercely. I’d invite you then to hold your well-discerned truths then fearlessly, no matter what anyone else thinks, because you are a sovereign entity and you ARE free to resonate, believe, and create whatever you want in your personal reality as long as you don’t physically bring harm to another. But so are all other beings- and though we may not understand other peoples belief systems it doesn’t help to hate or judge them for it. The best thing we can do then is love- ourselves and others. The most effective way to help others is to lead by example and be an illuminating light that is strong within our own truth and inspiration. When we align with our own inner power and clarity, we inspire others to do the same.. which is the greatest acceleration towards a grand collective awakening (aka.. the Ascension).

Vibrate Higher

The awakening of the masses starts with your own awakening of the heart- be mighty and yet humble. Forgiveness (for yourself and others) is truly the greatest key when it comes to allowing higher frequencies to enter your field. Let go of the lower vibrations and vibrate higher. We are powerful conscious creators of our realities and the seeds we plant always grow- it’s a matter of picking your seeds carefully and tending to them consistently. In time, you will attain true mastery, and as you choose your beliefs by your own free will, clear out the subconscious baggage of fear, you will know the real freedom, wholeness, and infinite LOVE you have eternally been gifted with in this life.

Thanks for reading!

Original Source: https://transformingthedarkness.com/2020/10/29/what-is-truth/


It's interesting that our source of nourishment is also a source for our deepest traumas.

In consort with the earth, I decide what takes form. Jacqueline Hobbes. Are you familiar with her?

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