The "Doomsday" Paradigm

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The Old Paradigm

A common and strong belief among the collective human mind is that, put bluntly, the world is fucked.


We see it on all fronts. When one takes a look at human history and the programming that has been put upon the heart and mind throughout the generations, it is certainly no mystery to why this is; there is little need to elaborate upon the fearful and resentful happenings that we have all been traumatized by.

The real question I want to ask is then not why or how it is, but what do we do about this to transform even the most painful experiences into light and create the beautiful world we envision for ourselves and our children? For that is what we seek to do, is it not?

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Re-Program Your Belief Systems

Put simply, the first step is to reprogram out of this meaningless "doomsday" idea which serves to disempower and is destined to continue to loop this old paradigm of helplessness and pessimism. It is an illusion that keeps us weak. For believing you are powerless is the most effective way to truly make yourself powerless. On the contrary, humanity is far more powerful that they may yet realize.

The bitter way of the old paradigm frankly is no longer relevant or helpful to the creation of the new one. The more people that choose to wallow in the idea humanity is doomed, the longer it will take for us to overcome this level of evolution, which indeed is what is happening right now. It is time to overcome this depression that has fallen upon us and take a look at the reality of the world that is emerging now. There are far more beautiful things happening now than ever, and this is clear for those who choose to look.

To be clear, seeing the beauty and the power of humanity is not wishful thinking. It is clear thinking, out of the fog of illusion that has kept us imprisoned by our own (unconscious) will of destruction.

The darkness that is rising to the surface of the mind now is neither coincidence nor is it new. From the rise in anxiety to the happenings in the news that are often not short of complete wickedness, we must remember that none of this is actually new or getting worse than it ever was. These are very old things that are now coming to the surface of consciousness because it IS time to be aware of them, so that we can deal with them. This is what is happening. Chaotic as it may be, it is nothing short of a process of transformation for the new paradigm we are creating. It is a purging that must happen to get to where we want to go. And so, there is no reason to be discouraged by it. Darkness cannot hide forever, and we wouldn't want it to, for becoming aware of it is the only way we can do what we do best: shine a light on it.

That being said, to keep this concise, I will list the reasons of why creating, radiating, being and sharing encouragement to our brothers and sisters at this time is one of the most important acts one can do to catalyze this transition.

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Reasons for Invoking Encouragement

  • Your Belief Systems Create Your Reality (Individually and Collectively)

Whether you take time to acknowledge them consciously or not, your belief systems are creating your entire experience on this Earth. This is simple, yet essential information. The effect your belief systems have on you are so powerful, one could write an entire book on this subject and indeed many have. Suffice it to say that your beliefs systems are the foundation for your perception; how you see humanity, how you navigate the world, what you project and experience in the world, how you treat others, what you create, what you destroy, how you act, how you feel, how you think, your state of health, etc. etc. etc. These belief systems can either empower or disempower and when you know this information, it is your free choice on what you choose to believe, radiate, and therefore create in your life. Believing in this old idea that everything is doomed will not serve to help you or the world; it will inspire you to stay miserable and depressed and live in a reality that indeed is doomed, for it is not sustainable. On the other hand, choosing to have faith in yourself and humanity will inspire a whole new spectrum of possibilities for yourself and will naturally shine through the way you live your life, encouraging more people than you realize. This is the fundamental groundwork for any effective action to take place.

  • Your Belief Systems Are Contagious

When this kind of "re-programming" work is done by millions or even billions, the timeline of humanity will increasingly shift to one of peace.. for people will be inspired and heartened deeply by the love this experience creates (especially after all the suffering). The result is people being more happy, spreading more happiness, which makes more people happy, and spreads even more happiness.. and loops on and on in a way that is far more meaningful and creative than looping the fear and resentment which is not creative but very destructive.

  • The More Individuals That Participate in the World with Faith, the Sooner the Transformation Will Occur

Even for those still skeptic about the vibrational nature of this world (ie. being conscious creators of reality from the inside out) it is clear that action is preceded by thought and feeling, preceded by the belief systems. People act based on the best information they know. So it is intuitive but also logical to see how a loving and clear minded person will influence the world vs how a fearful and pessimistic person will influence the world. Apply this on the collective scale of humanity, and you can see clearly the roots of the old paradigm vs the paradigm we are going into.

  • Faith is a Real Force that Empowers

As creators of our reality, having faith in ourselves, in humanity, and in the intelligent universe we live in is a true power. It is not a weakness. For acting out of fear leads to destruction, while creating out of love leads to a solution of any problem one can think of. This is a basic truth. We are worthy of feeling encouragement in these times, and doing so will influence higher happenings. Frankly, living in a vibration of bitterness and discouragement is, no matter how you rationalize it, completely meaningless and does nothing but affirm yourself as a victim. It only appears rational because it is the programming we have received from the old paradigm. Yet it only serves the ego. Having true faith and connection with reality will not only bring true peace and joy into your personal life, but will open the door for many new possibilities even better than you could have imagined.

  • Clear Thinking Allows Us to Create What We Want in the World

We have unwittingly chose to create hell on Earth. Though swept up by illusion and the conditioning of parasitic tyrants, we are responsible for the state the world is in, and we are responsible for where we go from here. 100%. Taking responsibility for our piece of the puzzle is how we begin to take back control of it. And so instead of basking in the grief of a dying world, it is our time to bask in the glory of the new one we are consciously creating now. But what shall we create?

We certainly know what we don't want: war, violence, poverty, disease, manipulation, etc. But what do we WANT then? This is the question to start asking, because we create our vision. If our vision is no longer hell on Earth, what is it then? What do we want? Sustainable food, voluntary communities, a healthy planet, a just system, a society that honors righteousness and truth, true medicine, etc. These are just a few things that are quite closer to reality than we think, if we could actually believe in them and then put forth the effort to make them happen. A lot will be transformed on Earth in a relatively short period of time once people stop actively destroying and degrading the world and human race.

  • Right Now, There are Nothing but Reasons to be Encouraged

We are in the habit of occupying a state of discouraged victims. But again, this is not rational or reasonable by any truthful means and only works to keep people in a state of weakness and fear. The truth of the matter is, despite how much violence the mainstream news may try to penetrate your brain with, we are living in the best time ever. People are waking up, people are growing weary of misery, violence, and heartbreak, people are connecting with each other more than ever, people are seeing the errors in the old paradigm, people are HUNGRY for meaningful sustenance, people are trying to be more healthy and peaceful, people are less amused with material things and opening up to the more vital energy that has always been. These are all truths and you can feel it. Amazing things happen everyday you might not notice: trillions of peaceful and voluntary actions, every day people spreading love and truth. We have fallen into the habit of ignoring these common occurrences but shining a spotlight on every grievance. Do you not see the effect this has taken on your race? Do you not see the clear and simple solution then?



The Visionaries for peace and freedom in this world then have a very simple task cut out for them: despite the 'clearing out' of the old paradigm energy be encouraged, and spread encouragement to all you possibly can. It is time to awaken out of this looping fear and into who we really are. We are truly the only ones in our way, individually and collectively. It far more simple than many realize.

This is high work: to be completely aware of the darkness in the world: we need not deny it, we need not fear it, we need not suppress it, we need not ignore it, we need not run away from it, we need not be angry or resentful about, we need not even be sad about it, we merely need to shine a bright unwavering light on it. This is transformation. This is what humans beings have always done and continue to do on new levels.

Through forgiving the ways of the old ignorance and allowing for the ways of new understanding to come through, we continue to make this shift more beautiful and meaningful than ever, learning many interesting things about ourselves along the way.

And so it is.

Thanks for reading~
Much love :)

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