And now what? Do you want to be the Blockpay ambassador for Sofia, Bulgaria?

in life •  2 years ago

Out of the blue after I finally reinstalled facebook messenger on my smartphone, a friend I haven't heard from in 3 months, the one who if you read my posts gave me the help I needed to get into the job I just walked out of, comes to me on messenger and suggests to me that maybe I could get a break by working as an ambassador for Blockpay.

I figure the job basically means canvassing businesses, trying to get them to take Blockpay's free payment terminals with which people can pay by almost any way there is to pay that there is these days. Credit cards, bitcoin, steem, litecoin, ethereum, what the hell ever.

Well, I took his advice, I sent an email out to the address he gave me to ask about it. I was just gearing myself up to bury myself in an epic coding mission and this surprise has thrown my mind into a spin once again.

When is this circus of surprises going to quit. I am getting nostalgic about my days sleeping in the power distribution room underneath the central park of Sofia, and eating out of bins, picking up cigarettes off the ground, and occasionally finding bags of beer some strange person tucked behind a bush.

I am truly lost. Beyond all recognition.

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