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The Monkey and the Pelican


(Actual Knotting in a tree I passed)

The Wonder of Nature... Makes you Wonder

We often walk around in life with heads down, mind ablaze with insignificant stuffola and we miss the nuances, trickery, fun and wonder of that around us that Nature presents.

You can find great works of Art, Fun Imagery and Thought Provoking visualizations in so many natural objects. For example the colored veins in Marble, the sculptures embedded in the Clouds (this is where most find their natural imagery) and all around us each day... yet sadly we miss them.

The Monkey and the Pelican brought to mind the camaraderie that two creatures of different existences can share. It is as the Pelican is sharing a great secret with the ever curious monkey, temporarily entranced and seriously attentive to the tale being spun by the new friend.

The Caged Lion


The knotting seen in a footpath plank at Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach Florida

I was out walking through this fun Bird Sanctuary that has many kinds of Cranes and Other Birds of the area, along with Turtles, Alligators, Snakes, etc.. As I was walking along the elevated walking path over the wetland area, I happened to look down and saw the Lion.

This Lion brought such vivid images and emotions to mind and soul... I see it as a sad lion, the spirit stripped away from the confining cage it is forever embedded in. This in turn brought to mind the many souls in life feeling and trapped in that same mindset and void of spirit.



This post was prompted by this real Eggplant

My wife and I were just out to dinner last night with friends who have a great garden at their home. Occasionally they bring us fresh picked vegetables (grown as he says as close to organic as he can grow"). We all laughed so hard when we saw the Pinocchio face, hat and nose... that we had several people from other tables in on the laughing and conversation. They came over and we passed the eggplant around as all wanted to see it up close to make sure it was real!

Who does not remember the wooden puppet that comes to life as Pinocchio... with pointed hat and protruding nose. It brought to mind the current awakening of the people from the lies that are becoming so evident... almost like the noses of the lying politicians, bankers, elite growing right before our eyes. They all were skeptical, and wanted to see for themselves... all strangers with a brief sense of community if just for a moment in time... these days I think are happening now and growing in frequency each day...

Like right here on Steemit.

Have faith folks, Nature has a way of bringing us back to the reality of life. Let your imaginations be free to accept it.


Good Health – Evan Pantazi #Kyusho

Image Credit: Me


Wow, that caged lion is a really clear and vivid image.

And it has an even better story... I have a friend (Alex Garoufalidis - Lead Guitar) in the band "King's Call"... their image is the Lion.


As I travel, if I see an image of a Lion I just snap a picture and send it to him.

Well when I first saw it, that was my intent, but as I stood there in everybody's way... the imagery became more and more pronounced and relevant to today's world.

The things that happen when you allow them to are amazing.

Art is everywhere , sometimes people think I'm scary when I see certain patterns that create certain objects . I love it

They fail to realize that creation is the creation of creation.

Agreed ! Even on LSD few times . Man the world and patterns are so diffeeent I see what you said "creation is the creation of creation" cheers 🍻

Hah... DISCLAIMER: these were not from an LSD adventure.

Haha I know . Just wanted to put that out there :D

great post, thanks for sharing @kyusho

good post my friend @kyusho

Just a fun diversion from lifes stresses.

@kyusho - Sire, that's an amazing nature creations. I like them and I like the way you describe them. Decided to RESTEEM your post Sire.


Most folks look at clouds and say look a fish or a bear, but never carry the story forward... a shame as these may be universal messages or epiphanies in disguise. I have have several epiphanies looking at images such as these and letting my mind wander with them.

Nature is Truly Wonderful and you too for showing us the WONDER from Around it :D

I enjoy the images, but more so the messages.

The lion does look sad, but pinocchio kills me!

Yes he will be consumed tomorrow at Dinner!

Nice post

Thank you.

Amazing, natural art

I think natural art and the ability to see it was an inspiration to multiple imagery artists like Dali, Escher and many others.

But what you share is really very natural and I really like it.

O yeah, visit my blog yeah ???

Yes, I saw them :D That's a powerful imaginary. But it's work well. Thank you very much for sharing such great photography with us!


Maybe not photography... but capturing the imagery for later contemplation.

Another very useful post with great article from @kyusho
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Thank you so much sharing your valuble health tips...I appreciate it..
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