Never let the applause get to you.

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I have been listening to a lot of motivational messages lately and one key individual, GaryVee always seem to hit on an issue that most of us ignore and it is killing us within. Today, I'd like to share some of that message here on my platform.

Just as we don't let their negativity pull us down, so shouldn't we let their applause get to us

Most of us here have in our own way enjoyed a little bit of success right. Once we completed high school or college, we got applause from our parents or friends expressing how proud they were of us right?
Now, what happens is, we begin to internalize this trend as part of what success is which is not so the next time we do something out of the ordinary say you start a business. To them, you may be throwing your life down the drain. This time around, instead of being applauded, you are rebuked. This can mess with you irrespective of who you are.

I am going to share with you my own experience

I used to be that guy. The guy who would study his books to pass exams just to hear my family say, "wow, you are brilliant"
But as I grew up and started involving myself in personal development studies, I came to realize that the greatest form of success i could ever achieve was to turn my dreams into reality. This realization started messing with my studies and I didn't care. This also led to a "not very good" grades which led family members to start rebuking me.

I wanted so badly for them to understand but they also hated the idea of me starting a business. This whole issue messed me up for a while until I joined this platform. I initially had saved up money for my business expansion after University then i met steemit and upon discussions with my mentor, I decided to invest all my savings in steem tokens and guess what, I made a lot of money in a few months time (around December ,2017). This experience strenghtened my belief in doing something for myself and not waiting for approvals.

What do i mean by all this

It is simple folks, whatever you are doing, make sure it is for you and you alone. If you make it , it is for you and if you fail, you have learnt a lesson. It is as simple as that. The applauds and criticisms will only ruin the goal if you let them in.


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that is so true. Thanks for sharing such a powerful msg with us today bro

Thanks my brother. It has been a while though. It is great to be back

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