A Cure for Poverty??

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Many a time, I find myself wondering why one must endure life. There is literally a million ways for one to experience life in its finest rather than pay bills, raise kids and await death. In all my dwelling and researching, I have come to understand one thing which is not going anywhere soon. Poor people generally lack patience among skills such as financial literacy and others.

They Are Impatient

They seem to not grasp the concept of waiting while working towards a goal. They prefer everything done now and now and quite often, they are willing to demonize any new system that does not support their way of life. Patience is a trait that can move mountains. It can restore hope and bring unimaginable wealth to those who employ it in their lives.

They Show No Gratitude

I have come across many people in my life and almost every time, i get the attitude from them which basically translates as " you could have done more for us ". This can be seen through the way the act towards you after you have helped them out with a debt or anything else. Instead of "shitting" on those who lend a helping hand, why don't we show gratitudePeople generally will do more for others if they get the sense of appreciation from time to time.
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Listening to everyone but themselves

It is sad to hear people with Bachelor degrees call themselves educated and still be looking up to someone for employment to make ends meet. Employment is good as they say but what good is it if it can't pay for your lifestyle or guarantee your bills will be paid to avoid eviction? Many of us have had ideas that could literally make us millions yearly and yet the opinions of others have drowned those dreams into oblivion. Until we learn how to let the inner voice be stronger than anything else, we will still lack till the end of time.


Well said my dear friend. Missed you

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