What distinguishes humans from animals?

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 Per the Biological Sciences I study in the university, I will commence by stating that Humans, in the first place, are classified under the Kingdom Animalia. Hence, Humans are technically animals as well. However, there are certain things about humans that makes us distinct from other animals. One trait that I would stress on is our powerful cognitive abilities  that can not be seen in other animals including the chimpanzee. Humans are much better at recognizing stimuli sequences, and this factor is a prerequisite for traits like the learning of languages, math, video games, and many others. Other animals possess a simpler-kind of memory that can not really deal with information sequentially. This then explains why other trained animals have not successful at mastering languages and other acts that are so basic to human species.  

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I think we are called "humans" because we use our hands. ;) Thanks for sharing.


lol... chimps can do the same as well.


Did chimps develop writing on their own like we did? Then again, that is debatable as well. Perhaps our writing/language came from "above"?
Thanks for the convo, btw.

I read someplace that humans can reliably remember a sequence of up to 7 numbers, where for chimps it's up to 17. Different brains excel in different areas it would seem, none are entirely better or worse than the rest.


I'm glad you used the word reliably. Meaning at least the average who rarely uses brain power can easily do seven sequences, however, the maximum capability of sequences of humans varies from person to person whereas in Chimps you clearly stated that it is up to 17 sequences.