Bible Study: Insecurity

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Bible Study last week.

S.I.B.S stands for small interactive bible study. Our pastor loves acronyms and this one is probably my favorite. Every Wednesday night, the women gather together in one location, the men gather in another, and once a month we have a joint study. I look forward to it every week, and while some are better than others the time spent fellowshipping is always awesome.

Last week, the topic was on insecurity. The discussion was reminded me of a college course discussion. We talked about times when Jesus adapted to social norms and when he didn't. Similarly, how insecurities were dealt with that are similar to our social norms and how we must adapt to act outside of it.

My notes from the study

  • Luke 12:7- insecurity branch from not knowing

God loves you and a lack of trust in God. Jeremiah 1:5, you are not an accident. You were purposeful and for a purpose.

  • Judges 6:15- people in scripture that dealt with insecurities.

God speaks louder and bigger picture. He doesn’t feed into our insecurities. Gideon got confirmation and never mentioned insecurities again.

  • Don’t give power to your weaknesses.

James 3:10, it starts with your words.

Daily reminders...

The teacher for the night wrote down phrases of encouragement on sticks. We each picked out two, read them out loud, and I wrote them below.

I choose to meditate on the promise, and not the problem.
I will confess victorious confessions from month daily.
God loves me. I am valuable to him.
God supplies all my needs. Not half all.

  • Jeremiah is 1:4-8, again God doesn’t feed into our lack of confidence or into our ability or inability to act.

God knows we have the potential and that he will supply the rest.

  • Philippians 1:6, God is constant in us.

We change, our surrounding change, but we must hold true that God love is never changing.

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Love always,

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Luck 12:7- insecurity branch from not knowing



Hahah, nice catch, updates!


Interesting @kubbyelizabeth!!! Thanks for sharing!!!



What did you find interesting?


The christian perspective on this subject... And the "acronyms"... "Don’t give power to your weaknesses", is an empowering concept...