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Happy Sunday/Monday!

Every Sunday, I feel like we meet up for our weekly post chats. Before I go off about my plans for the week and thoughts on last week post, how do you take your coffee or tea? How was your week?

This past week has been a wild adventure. A fellow Steemian passed and the news was hard to take. Prayers going out to his family. The first Steemian I meet in person that has passed away. I don't handle death well, I suppose no one does. As a Christian when people pass we generally have peace knowing we will see then again. How do you process death?

Personally it was a tough week, but the blog posts did great!

Reliving those wild adventures in Europe was fun. Even the posts about missing my flight. Thanks for all the awesome comments and supporting me through those challenging moments of being left at the airport. Looking back, I wish I had labeled my post differently.

Writing and learning.

Also, did you catch the bug too? The travel bug that is and I have my eyes set on Australia. Flights there have dropped in prices. Dropped enough to be very tempting not to purchase. From $3,000 to some as low as $800 round trip. Those low prices come with four too many stops, but they're still options worth considering. Especially, if the budget is tight.

If only the crypto market would recover. It's supposed to pay for my travels.

That was last week, what's up this week?

Speaking of travel, there is always next year. Did I mention China to you? That might be happening. I'll keep you updated. Anyways, this week I plan on posting on the following topics, plus sharing some more pictures that finally uploaded. Such a rebellious phone.

  • What I wish I knew before traveling.
  • Bible Study notes
  • Parents are traveling; got the house to meself!
  • Sunday thoughts on Saturday

A few others I don't remember, so here are some more pictures of my trip.

Thanks for reading, upvoting, and commenting!

Love always,

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I like my tea milk and sugar free with a splash of cold water. Thanks Kubby.


You like your tea with a splash of cold water? Do you like a particular tea??


I like most teas Kubby. Tea is not supposed to be as hot as coffee and I also use cold water so I don't have to wait half an hour to drink it. Plus if you're making black tea or green tea, you should start with cold water and the tea bag and add the hot water so the tannins don't get released and destroy the flavour.

I probably shouldn't have any more coffee thanks [twitch twitch]

Chaos. Chaos is up this week. But it's okay I'm used to it. It's the well oiled well organised weeks that I can't manage, because if/when something goes wrong everything goes balls up and everyone starts panicking because it was all too scheduled and apparently people forget to leave room for errors or even when you double the time required it still wasn't enough. Chaos is much more managable XD

End of the year stuff is coming up so there's a lot of practice for gymnastics states and lots of rehearsals and things for end of year dance concert.

Sorry about the bad news :< That's always hard.

You were going to the Christmas party right?

Sounds like travel bug has got you good XD


I am always amazed at how busy you are and keep up so well. Even with so many cups of coffee lol. I was planning on going to the party, but the market is moving in the right direction for me to go at the moment :(

May the soul of the departed rest in peace. The week was quite stressful for me, but i look forward to a better one ahead. I wish you a blisful week.


Why did you have a tough week?


Its was due to a farm project i am carrying out, we are setting up cocoa nursery, so we had to pot about 1000 seedling for the week.

The week went so quick I’m not quite sure where it went. I just know I was running about a day behind for it. Otherwise it was a decent week. I spent a couple of hours outdoors and nothing seems to be bothering my garden for the time being. I rather enjoy the cooler months down here so I am looking forward to it.

I never thought it would be that cheap to fly to Australia. Glad to see you are already planning and thinking about your next trips!

Have an amazing week!


Thank you, hope this week is less of a blurr. Did it rain near you, it rained so much Saturday here.


Lots of rain and I expect we will have a lot more midweek depending on how close Florence and the others come with their rain bands.

It already is a blurr! I'm not sure where my Sunday went either hehe.

Death is never easy to process. I guess am just like everyone else in that regard and don't really take it so well

The travel trip would have been ideal but steem has dropped

Happy Sunday Kubs


Happy Sunday to you too, Glad I'm not alone in processing death. where and when is your next trip?

Yes I have the Travel bug too

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Where do you want to travel too?


Italy again

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Death is difficult to process, at all times! Even though I have witnessed the process of shifting to the next world multiple times (I work in surgery) it is always kind of weird. For some reason it wants you to turn off the music and stop talking, even though it doesnt matter anymore.
Although i am around death alot I handle death in my personal circle very bad and it takes me out of my game for weeks.

Apart from that, the week has been succesfull AF and I am looking forward to producing another one of these weeks!


Im a nurse in surgery actually, sorry for the confusion!

Ofcourse I remember my first loss, it was actually still in training when i was working on the normal ward. I took care of an elderly demented man for weeks, because as a student I had the time for that. One morning I walked in and his room was empty and i did not make the 1+1 at all, asking where he was. I was such a confused 18 year old hahaha.

But the first patient actually dying under my hands in surgeryas well was weird, because in the end us nurses are the one you talk to as last before going to sleep. The words 'sleep tight, I am going to take my best care of you' are the most honest ones that I speak daily


Wow, being a doctor must have it’s emotional toll. Do you still remember the first patient you lost? The first loss is always the hardest for me.

Iced organic coffee is the only way to go 😬

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Does organic coffee taste different ? I would take you for a Black no sugar or milk coffee guy, am I right?


Taste the same but organic makes me think I'm being more healthy haha.

Yeah, just plain organic coffee and ice... or even those cold brew coffee's with nothin' in it. 😋

Wow! Just discovered you, @kubbyelizabeth. Love your style!