Omg Kryptik, congratulations!! We're so happy for you here in the blockchain ❤️ Keep us updated with baby pics.

I’ll do my best. Thanks Eve!

Congrats Kryp!


Congrats man, Welcome to the fatherhood !
NodOnThisJr has arrived :D


Congrats, man! Time to get a sic minivan. Hope all goes well.

Congrats! I love babies on the blockchain!

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Congratulations sir! My votes are trash, so I'll send you a SBD tip.

You didn’t have to but thank you. I’ll buy the baby some stuff with it.

Uncle Overkillcoin bought you this ___________ .

Congrats to Father Krypt :)
I'm sure everything will work out for the best.

Also, I heard Eric is a nice name nowadays for handsome babies :D

Congrats! How exciting! I'm sure he'll get strong quick. I'm due with our first in 10 more weeks so I'm right behind you. What a wild ride!

You have no idea my friend. It’s insane. Wait until you see your baby for the first time.

How exciting! I wish you and your family health and happiness! He's beautiful, but you already knew that!


I am still lost on everything.

Awww! Congrats on your baby boy Kryp! All the love to you and your family! <3 I hope you guys are healthy and out of hospital real soon!

I’m sure we will be. Thanks m <3

Congrats and good luck on your fatherhood @kryptik!

Congrats! And crossing fingers as instructed!

I hear in Europe people “hold thumbs”.

Do whatever you prefer. Thanks.

I can confirm this, ahaha. Holding all thumbs for the baby!

Congratulations! Fingers are crossed for the little cutie 😊🤞
I'm still voting for Apsu Esa Kryptikson :P

Congrats and best wishes! Hope they take him off the vent soon. Hang in there dad, you’ve got this.

It’s hard watching because I know his sp02 and respirations are up.

That EMT training has me flustered.

Heh, ignorance is bliss, eh? If you want someone to talk to, hit me up in Discord - DollarsAndSense#7718

I have a bunch of stuff t get together but I really appreciate that man.

It’s an awesome gesture.

I can imagine, heh. No worries man, the offer still stands anytime.

Congratulations! May health and wellness be his... Enjoy the experience ♡

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Now you can name your son "The Masculator".

Hopefully he'll do well and grow into a strong and happy boy :)

I’m already getting those irrational dad fears you talked about.

Poor little dude.

I'm hoping they'll start to wear off as soon as the kid is.. something like 25+.

That's what I hope at least.

Phew, only 25 years to go.

Congrats @kryptik he is absolutely beautiful.

Many Congratulations :)

congrats and I hope all is well ...

Give the new born lot of sun light (Vitamin D) ... we have been doing it and it helps to keep the bilirubin count at bay

Cingular platoons

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Hearty congratulations.... Good wishes for better health for your son and love to your wife....

Congratulations. Sending positive thoughts of strength

Congratulations to you and your better half! I wish your boy tons of health. Happy name choosing.

Welcome to the and care 👍

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something came early that's for sure :)))))

Congratulations sir!

Congrats on your new journey into fatherhood. I have a newborn and a 3 year old myself. They are truly blessings

Congratulations! First child? It is such a memorable and life changing moment!


Im pretty sure you are one excited dada! Is this your first child?.. I can relate how it feels to finally see your offspring. Its hard to believe that you are already a parent. And that from now on someone will be looking up to you.

Birth is just the beginning. So brace yourself for more adventures and roller coaster ride with your little one. Life has never been better without them. Children are our little bundles of joy wrapped in tiny toes.

Cheers to parenting!

It is my first baby!

He’s been a little sick in the hospital but looking like he’s improving. It’s been a mixture of extreme stress and happiness.


awwwww.... its pure joy alright!! Congrats again for the first time parents.. i always in awe seeing newly born babies.

babies are figthers, dont worry much.. you have to gain your energy too, you will need it the most..

hugs and kisses to the little one!

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