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Hi Friends,

I had banana shake as my breakfast for 10 days and I lost weight!

Banana shake for 10 days

The most widely recognized home cures can in some cases do wonders for our body. I could shed kilos and sort my breakfast issues just by having my youth top choice, banana shake, each morning! Read to discover how I incorporated this yummy shake in my timetable.

Most loved natural product

As a youngster, my most loved organic product was bananas. I cherished its sweet flavor and it filled my stomach speedier in the wake of playing for quite a long time. Since my mom knew I cherished eating bananas, she used to give me banana shake more as a treat as opposed to a healthful drink.

Yearning charms

It is a direct result of this propensity that I was never a grumpy child. All my appetite charms were replied with a banana. Step by step, as I grew up, I began to get onto junk food to calm my appetite stricken stomach as opposed to my cherished organic product. I ate everything conceivable from doughnuts to cakes to satisfy my sweet tooth. Also, as is normal, I picked up no less than 15 kgs of weight.

Weight pick up issues

One day while addressing my mom and her shouting at me at the same time about my weight, she disclosed to me that as a kid she never experienced difficulty with me. She went ahead to inform me concerning my fixation with bananas and how I had never been such an inert tyke as I was at that point. Moms can pass a youth prediction when you most need it thus mined. I began supplanting my 'unfortunate' breakfast ordinary with banana shake.

Issue tackled

I did this for 10 days to wash down my body first. It detoxed myself from eating junk food each time I got a yearning. I additionally included espresso or a teaspoon of nutty spread or strawberries to influence varieties in my banana to drain shake regular.

​I lost 3 kgs

I think about when they disclose to you leaving handled sugar encourages, it is valid. I measured 70 kgs when I had begun and by the tenth day I weighed 67 kgs. Alongside drinking banana drain shake each morning, I additionally went for strolling, drank enough water and adhered to natively constructed substance.

​I had no poop issues!

​I HAD NO POOP ISSUES! Being a junk food regular, I had outrageous stomach related problems. I pooped once in three days and felt clogged up and heavy constantly. Since banana is awesome for such stomach related issues, this was dealt with for the last time.

Lesser Cravings

Since I ate junk food like momos or pizzas once consistently, it expanded my cravings for times notwithstanding when my body was requesting water. When I began having banana shake, I understood I had naturally quit searching for other unhealty choices. Little did I know that my childhood favourite shake could help me get back my health!



I eat anything but my weight is not increased😥
Vote me back please..😉

thats good if your weight does not increase 😉

but my body is too skinny for the size of a man😥

Eat 4 boiled eggs daily.Eggs are best for weight gain

thanks for your advice i will try

Hey @krryptoking, thanks for sharing! So many things out there to be happy for and about. Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post! Cheers

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