Nostalgia: The Games We Played as Kids

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(Back) From left: Kuya Keeve(my brother), Kuya TJ, Kuya John Lee
(Front) From left: Zsareena, Kim (my sister) and I

I was born in 1995. This year belongs to the transitioning years welcoming the 21st century. Kids that were born from 1982 to 2004 are dubbed as "Millennials". This is because they were born and raised during the dawn of the new millennium. This generation is the first to experience the digital world. Oftentimes, we are associated with Internet and social media.

As opposed to what some older people claimed (especially the 90s kids), "You're a Millennial! You don't have a childhood! You're all computers and cell phones." I say,

"Yes, I am a Millennial! But my childhood wasn't plain and boring!

I am proud to say that my childhood wasn't all about gadgets and Internet. I am lucky that I grew up in an island. I maybe restricted by my parents to stroll far from the house, I still had friends to play with. And mostly, they were my cousins.

Thus, I share with you the games we played as kids.

Indoor Games

The indoor games we usually played as children are Snake and Ladder, Scrabble, Sungka, Hand-clapping Games, Dampa, Teks, SOS and PANTS. Others include Bahay-bahayan, Dama, Pitik-Bulag, "I love you", Jackstone, Pick-Up Sticks and Card Games.

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(I apologize because I can't find a photo for slipper game so I edited it.😜)

We usually play these games if our parents restrict us from playing outside or if it's raining cats and dogs. We are also allowed to play only if we're done with the household chores as well as our homeworks.

Outdoor Games
We played Taguan, Chinese Garter, Slipper Game, Sekyu, Tamaan-Bata, Syato, Chinchan, Piko, Patintero, Luksong Baka, Jack-en-Poy, Langit-Lupa, Sili-Tubig, Gagamba, Dr. Wakwak, Jolen, Aso-Pusa, Luksong Tinik, Baril-barilan and Sipa.

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(I wasn't able to find a photo for Sili-Tubig so I just put a picture of pepper)

The games mentioned above are the games we used to play in big groups and often in teams. We play them when our parents are not yet around, after or during lunch breaks at school and on weekends and holidays. We also play them during night on the street when there were unexpected brownouts. Almost all the families nearby gather outside, bring a stool and just talk until electricity returns.

Message to the Reader
This post is just an introduction to my upcoming posts. I'd like to discuss the mechanics of each games so you could also try it at home with your family and friends. I hope you like it! Follow me @krizia for more and don't forget to upvote this post!


Very well done. Upvoted and Followed. Thanks

Thank you @htooms! 😊

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