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Time management is in its simplest form managing your time and energy so that you can produce as high quality results as possible.

Time management will help you produce more, at a higher quality, which will help you get promoted, and more importantly, decrease stress and give you more time off.

Time management is; 

A combination of mindsets, techniques and a discipline.

It teaches you both to stop procrastinating, to organize, to prioritize, to plan and each one of these disciplines will help reinforce the others.

You can never waste time studying time management.

What is great about time management is that you can never waste time learning time management since it will help you gain it back. By learning different techniques and putting it together to a system that fits you and your needs it will all start to compound and gain you time exponentially.

As for me I cover techniques from planning, goal setting, mindsets, weekly plans and many more. My goal is to save myself between 1000 and 2000 hours/year that you I use as I need.

I also joined  free email course and started by walking myself through the basics of time management and techniques.

It helps me move from where I am today to widely successful and living my dreams.


I'm starting following you, your articles are great and I think are helpful for me in the future.

Thank you for kind words, follow you too)

Your welcome again my friend :)

A beautiful philosophical and pragmatic approach to time management. I look forward to your next article on this subject dear friend

Thank you for support dear friend)

You're so photogenic it hurts :O

Thank you for nice words, follow you)

I must confess that I really appreciate your piece; for some reason, it always seems like you be talking to me.
Procrastination seems to be my main challenge; despite indulging heavily in making up daily plans, module for operation etc., I still find myself not achieving as much as I set out to. I'll appreciate advice on this?

Planned life is boring, isn't better to do, what you want?

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