Pro Blogging Tips, How to Identify Spam Comment

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I’m overwhelmed with the number of comments  for this blog. I guess pro blogging topic attracts more bloggers  as most bloggers aspire to be pro bloggers someday. I really appreciate all the comments made because a blog is nothing without readers and their comments.  But,  I am sorry that I publish the genuine comments only. I have currently 18 blog posts but I receive 70 comments. Okay,  I’m  sharing some tips on how to identify spam comment:

Install Akismet Plugin for your WordPress blog. You can set delete spam comments automatically inside Akismet Configuration. But you also  find genuine comments inside the spam comment box too so it is better not to set “automatic”.

Allow only one hyperlink text inside the comment box.  Comments that have more than one hyperlink text are mostly spam comment and they will be directed to spam box.

Judge the content. From the content of the comment, we can judge whether it is a spam or not.  Nowadays, bloggers also leave pleasant comments and it is a trick. They leave repetitive pleasant comments to build links for them. So, I really can’t judge from the comment alone.


I recently use Bad Neighborhood Check Link to identify whether the website or blog URL often break the rules to spam other blogs.  This reveals the truth that other sites block this URL because their of their spam comment.

For bloggers who leave genuine comments, I really appreciate your feedback and input. Do not worry that guide to problogging blog rewards you with the link of your latest blog post through Comment Luv. So, you don’t need to leave hyperlink text inside the comment box.  Please do share if you know other effective means to prevent spam comment. I really appreciate your feedback.


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