Creating the soulless creature from scratch

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Our soul is the most important thing in our life. It is the light that shines unto the darkness. Why then we see so many soulless people walking around?


First, let's talk about the darkness and shine a light unto it. In our world and believe me or not, there are secret societies which control it. There are many of them which all play different roles. For example, we have the masons which secret society is about hidden knowledge, the real history of man, politics, all of the politicians in the US were masons and the current ones are as well. If you want to be a politic figure you need to be in one or more of these societies. But we are not going to talk about them here. I am mentioning them because they make a huge impact on our world. All of the secret societies worship deities. The worshipping of Baal and many more. Which deities can be traced back to Egypt. All of these secret societies form one big club.

You are either with them or against them. Everyone who is not in a secret society is an enemy to them. Even when you are in one of them you need to do a specific set of rituals to gain the high powers trust. There are many types of people in these societies. We have writers, musicians, businessmen's, models, actors, lawyers and more. What they do with all of the people? They make them famous. This is one of the goals. To have people who are in those secret societies be in high positions so they can influence the masses.

What do they want to accomplish?

In recent years the club wants to be known. They do not want to hide anymore, BUT, and there is a big but, they want everyone to think that it is not a big deal, they are harmless, they are all about peace and positivity, where in fact these societies work for the people's downfall. They want to create this false image and make everyone believe in it. One of the most famous secret society is the Illuminati. There name means: the enlightened ones. This secret society divides their knowledge into two categories: 1. What should people know 2.The truth
One example is the Wikipedia page of the Illuminati. There you will see how their propaganda works.

They divide knowledge into two categories because they believe that they are more than the normal human. They believe they are the God's chosen sons and daughters. But that is a lie. It is the same as the pope. The pope is not a special snowflake. He is not the God's chosen son.

The truth is that these secret societies want to remain in power. They know that if people knew about their potential and about that we all are equal, they are over. That is why they divide and they want you to think that these people are more than you. So they simply can have money and power.

Their ancient knowledge will help society develop, will help us understand the world and live more with the truth. Even if their knowledge is about evil spirits, we will understand that there is a creator, but their game will be over if we gain secret wisdom. If we understand evil we will understand and appreciate good, but when we do not know about the evil we neglect God. They are all against God and by keeping their secret away from us they keep us from being with God.


The understanding of an idea and its significance

They can't just keep information away from us. It is not that easy. They create ignorance. All of the secret societies know that an idea is the most important thing. Ideas help us shape our world. They plant ideas in our mind from the early years of school. They plant their ideas from the "what they need to know" category. These ideas are far away from the truth. They do have some logical truth in it just because we can handle on it and accept everything. No lie is a 100% lie, every lie has some truth so to be logical and believable.

Babies are exploring the world, they like to touch, to feel, to smile and after a while, they lose this enthusiasm of life itself. It all begins in school where we first get bombarded with the false information labelled as facts. We won't pass if we do not know and BELIEVE these facts. Then after we know it all, we get to point B where we are bombarded with more information in our last school years. This is a TRICK. It develops a habit of not giving a fuck to information, we stop being this enthusiastic kid and we start being lazy and ignorant. And we end up with the false information in our mind which was earlier inserted with the tests.

These are their ideas, they insert it in everybody's mind. To make us falsely informed. Ideas control our mind, if they are not our own, we are being controlled by someone else. You think your thought and ideas are really yours, that is the trick, they aren't.

After school

When the individuals finish school they are first introduced to a world which is different than what they are being told it is. Secondly, they become addicted to money. It is basically an addiction. This addiction makes them want to chase the success ideal. What is the success ideal? A person who wears an expensive suit with a tie, who has a house, an expensive car, who can live wherever he likes and it is dependent on the current system. When you become a "successful" person you become dependent on the system, that is what the club wants. To like being this soulless creature who only think about money. Money on my mind right?


Following the masses

Well, the secret club of maniac deity worshippers wants you to follow the crowd because the crowd is strictly shaped to not be a potential threat to them. We all are potential enemies, they want to lower the chances of us becoming a one. They directly attack millennials because they have energy, they are young and if the clubs do not control them by ideas they can possibly overthrow the whole system. Instead, they make young people waste their energy on drugs, clubs and useless TV shows, so they can destroy themselves mentally or physically(maybe even both) and have the inability to do anything against this system.


The soulless society of today is a problem that needs to be fixed within the society, not from other sources and other people who control it. We became instinctive human beings who neglected the fact that they have a brain and replaced everything with money. Money is the stimulus of the system. By money they control the whole population, so let money burn and let us build a new system. Humanitary system which will benefit every human on Earth.

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