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Last year, I came across a different (in a good way) concept. I watched a TED Talk of Emilie Wapnick and it was entitled Why Some of us Don't Have One True Calling. To say that I was hooked is generally an understatement. While I was watching the entire video, I.DID.NOT.BLINK. Okay, that's a little bit exaggerated but you know what I mean. I actually made an infographic (just imagine how inspired I was) and here it is:

In basic context, a multipotentialite is someone who has a lot of passions and creative pursuits. They don't focus on only one. They do not believe in the idea that all of us do have a one true calling. Multipotentialites are often misunderstood because of the "tendency" to become easily bored. While it is not the case, boredom usually hits once they've learned what they are meant to learn on a particular topic / interest. After that, they move on to the next.

I know right? The idea is awesome as it is simple.

Emilie Wapnick cited three of the many advantages of thinking like one
(she calls them superpowers).

1. Rapid learning and fast skill acquisition

2. Idea synthesis

3. Adaptability

Other advantages include:

Translating between modes of thought

Making new solutions

Contextual thinking

Positive thinking

Variety of interests

Fit well in both leadership and other roles

If you think that there is something wrong with you
for constantly jumping between interests,
you are not alone.

Embrace your many passions. The world needs you.

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Jack of all trades, master of none but better than a master of just one. 😁🤙


🤙 🤙 🤙

@kpauf - Thank-you, Thank-you for sharing this, I have a new name to call myself! lol!

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