Do not kill the child who is inside you !!!

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Do not kill the child who is inside you !!!!
Every human being has a child inside him, lives in his heart, wants to go out from time to time to practice what children do.
He wants fun, wants to laugh, wants to rebel, wants to cry, and sometimes wants to get rid of some responsibilities to be able to play and play. He pursues what he wants.
He wants a notebook and a wanna to paint everything that goes around in his mind, and he is trying things out. She does not mean anything to some people, but she has a lot of meaning in himself.
A child wants to be and not like anyone.
A child rejoices with a piece of chocolate and listens to the fairy tales with passion
A child talks about his dreams and his endless ambitions
A child wants to feel love, containment and attention
This child is what carries with him your passion for life, know the sources of your creativity, do not kill him
Do not wear the false vowel dress
Do not impose silence on him
Do not shut his mouth when he wants to tell you not to do, I do not want to.
Do not underestimate his right to the rest of the others at his expense
There are those who want to kill the child inside you, do not allow him
This child is really the one who makes you face life with its difficulty.
It inhabits your heart in order to keep it from aging caused by the difficulty of life.
This child is released from time to time, and is not filled with the words of the people.
Listen to him whenever he wants to talk to you and do not ignore him, keep him until he does not age your heart.



Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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