15th August 2018

in life •  3 months ago

As the CEO of Kachow Party Entertainment we support the Striking Teachers today 15th August 2018, and hope they get what they deserve.

Better conditions along with a pay system which makes Teaching a profession that Kiwis want to be a part of.

If we as a country cannot get Education right we are screwed as a Nation


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got it?

this is me @kiwiscanfly
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Nice talk bro! Without teachers the world never be at here! So this is great! But I have a question? Who is behind that cock?


Teachers and nurses both. No matter what we think of the education system and the medical system, they're not easy jobs, and not adequately rewarded.


yep you got that right..teaching is hard enough and people in the medical profession are legends

Funny how in society some of the most important jobs are the most under-supported.

Home school the bastards and send the teachers to Tasmania in shackles.


Hahaha!!! All the best with the campaign!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I support this, I am a teacher too!

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Hope everything went well and I do agree with the statement of yours

If we as a country cannot get Education right we are screwed as a Nation